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After the 90 year old girl met a large 21 year old was actually received a number of police officers concerned about the public number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Original title: 90 girls encounter 21 years of bankruptcy still never abandon 90 girl first boyfriend encounter the big 21 years old love "that my mother knew, forced me to break up with him." In Beibei tianxingqiao a beverage shop, Zhou Xinyi (a pseudonym) fingers in front of the coffee, absent-minded. This year, just 23 years old, her face has a mature age, and the source of her troubles, is a man who is older than her age of more than and 20. Encounter on the train 21 year old first love boyfriend met her boyfriend for the first time, Zhou Xinyi said in Chongqing on the train to Wuhan. Zhou Xinyi height less than 1 meters 6, five home stores in Huaxin Garden City, skin is white, she looks younger than their age. "My aunt lives in Wuhan, two years ago on the May Day holiday." Zhou Xinyi recalls, when he bought a sleeper ticket, and this name is more than and 20 years old than his own man and his own car, which is the first time she and her boyfriend fan meet. Reporters saw in the Zhou Xinyi cell phone, Mr. Fan is not tall, wearing a simple white shirt, belly slightly long. Mr Zhou Xinyi is a very attractive man. "At that time on the train to a boy approached me, he looked very frivolous, I don’t want to talk to him." Zhou Xinyi said that while he is depressed, a steady uncle came to his rescue and told the boy Zhou Xinyi is his niece, who bitterly away, Zhou Xinyi is full of affection for the uncle. So the two of them talked, Mr. Fan said he also Chongqing, his hometown in Fuling, travel to Wuhan. "He knows a lot of things, and he speaks very well, unlike all the boys I knew before." Zhou Xinyi said that she will get off after the doings of ghosts and gods phone number to Mr. fan. That evening Mr. van called her and said he thought Zhou Xinyi was special. Family members are not optimistic about their friends, I did not know how, the mind has been unable to forget his figure." Zhou Xinyi said that when Mr. Fan to her confession, she was sure he was divorced after living alone agreed to be together, this is her first love. At that time, Zhou Xinyi moved to the third, Mr. Fan has a company in Yongchuan, once free he will drive to school. But Mr. Fan never mentioned his company to Zhou Xinyi, and Zhou Xinyi never asked. Miss Zhou Xinyi said: "at first we thought it was her uncle, I never thought it was her boyfriend." Zhou Xinyi said, the boyfriend of his very generous, fell in love for two years, often ask her enough money, said to give her money, but she refused. The only gift was a Canon SLR, a gift from her 22 year old fan. "He knows I like travel photography." Zhou Xinyi said. He also told me about his family, his ex-wife is a very strong woman, so they divorce. 10 year old son followed her mother in Guizhou." Mr. Fan though)相关的主题文章: