After exposure the Orangemen Metro bus taxi outage increase 10 fold off (video)-wharfedale

After exposure the Orangemen Metro bus taxi fare 10 times outage [] Shenyang public transport information off the end of the game in the taxi outage price 30 thousand fans stranded Tencent September 7th sports news Beijing time on the night of September 6th, the Orangemen in Shenyang Olympic Sports Center and the Persian cavalry Iran team drew 0-0 flat, so as to get the World Cup round of 12 first branch. But after all, outside appeared incomprehensible scene, subway, bus around the stadium on time all the outage, while a large number of black wild speculations, and this led to a large number of fans gathered in the stadium around, and had to walk for evacuation. The exposure cup public transport a large number of fans stranded outage according to a number of media people and Adrian fans said, after the end of the war in Iraq, the subway and bus all the time around the Olympic Stadium outage, which resulted in lots of traffic congestion, and a considerable part of the black car driver Mantianyaojia, even some people shouted out high the ten times the usual price. So many, it is the heart block. Users of social media screenshot is known to all, when there is a large event or large-scale theatrical performances, the public transport system around the venue will often be in the specific circumstances overtime to serve the public. For example, in Guangzhou held AFC Champions League event day, Metro bus was extended for 1 hours. But such an important event in the end key in the Iraq war, the stadium around the subway and bus outage, black wild speculations, some fans to visit the site to watch the very heart block. The domestic famous Shen Jian Fang media the first time micro-blog update commented: "a bunch of fans waiting for the subway to Shenyang North Railway Station to catch the train to go home, do not run, no public transportation, taxi and heap in the export premium. The Shenyang division of this organization ability, forget it, have come all the way from the fans?" Later, Shen Jian Fang and update micro-blog said: "the police did not come, nothing, more than 20 thousand people walk through the river bridge, much of a security risk. When I was a child, when the Five Mile River, I would like to believe that we are a spontaneous celebration of the parade, rather than the legs have to be allowed to be about seven or eight km." In addition, another famous media man Yan Qiang also commented in the middle of micro-blog: so home. Game half past nine, Shenyang subway closed as usual ten. A large number of fans can only walk spontaneous evacuation. Pregame Olympic, only a south gate entrance, entrance is deliberately narrow, "to avoid congestion, clogging fans everywhere to the home court." (the first) Disclaimer: sports Tencent posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: