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Active 100 star 1-10: James top no suspense curry than KD James is still the undisputed first sina sports news Beijing time on September 16th, the authority of the U.S. sports media "Sports Illustrated" update the new season NBA 100 star series, today is the first to the tenth player, Cleveland Cavaliers superstar Lebron James topped first, the Warriors of Kevin – Durant and Stephen – Curitiba in second and third. 10) Blake Griffin (clippers) last season, Griffin suffered serious injuries, a total absence of the 47 games, eventually the clippers were eliminated in the first round of the playoffs. But as long as you stay healthy, Griffin’s power is still huge, he can get 21.4 points, 8.4 rebounds and 4.9 assists. Although Griffin’s range has not really pulled three pointers, but not a real basket protector, but Griffin has always been considered to be one of the NBA’s best striker, and he will become one of the biggest free players next summer. 9) Paul George (Walker) how many players in this league is the team’s leading scorer, but also bear the main responsibility of a defender? Very few, but George must be one of them. The summer of 2014 suffered serious injuries before, George had been one of the best players in the league’s overall flank. Last season, his strong comeback after injury, amazing performance. 8) Anthony Davies (Pelican) if not because of injuries, Davies increase in last season will be greater. In today’s NBA, it’s hard for you to find another big power forward, like Davies, who has the ability to do sports and technology. He can attack anywhere from the field and his offense looks effortless. Don’t forget, Davies, who is only 23 years old, has not really reached the pinnacle of his career. 7) James harden (rocket) although the Rockets had a disappointing season, but harden’s performance was unbelievable, he averaged 29 points, 6.1 rebounds and 7.5 assists. The outside world has always been questioned in his defense and the holding time is too long, but he ignored the top one offensive, leading the league made free throws ability, stable three ball basket and a lot of time and end. 6) test Wye – Leonard (spurs) last season, the two best defensive player Leonard’s overall offensive efficiency of more than 99% players in the league. Yes, Leonard’s attack has been in progress, and achieved a leap in the last season, which allowed him to make the all star game and defensive teams, and become one of the most popular MVP regular season in the next few years. 5) Russell Westbrook (thunder) for the defender, Westbrook is not a problem. If you give him leave a little space to attack, he will crush you; if you follow him, he will destroy you with a pass; if you try to stop him under the basket, then you will send him to the line (last season, Westbrook averaged)相关的主题文章: