Accurate supply, special medicine directly to the snow capped mountains — military checkpoints, peo-jiuyaogan

Accurate supply, special medicine directly to the snow capped mountains — military checkpoints, in early October, on the eve of the winter plateau, plateau force annual special medicine supply the successful completion of the task. At an altitude of 3000 meters above the plateau force and temporary in altitude training, perform combat exercises spanned and scientific research task force, the allotment of the cream, Rhodiola capsules and other 5 kinds of special medicine; permanent elevation of 4000 meters above the plateau post allotted 47 plateau disease prevention special medicine, improve the medical security level of soldiers the troops stationed in the plateau. According to reports, since the implementation of the "standard" special troop of our army medical supply plateau amendments in the plateau forces increased 13 plateau, emergency rescue and drug treatment of common diseases, which forces special medicines are in the number and scope of supply varieties, greatly improved. Especially the temporary in altitude implementation readiness training, disaster relief at the sudden and scientific research tasks such as supply troops into the scope of protection, the PLA troops plateau special medicine supply to be standardized, to enhance the combat effectiveness of troops and provide more support and reduce the incidence of stress. "Take the first supply after covering, the old way of new storage according to the standard, the annual supply of drugs and medicine set individual plateau plateau to the troops stationed in the plateau region, both to meet the daily military supply and emergency support requirements, and ensure timely rotation, battle storage medicine storage reservoir for the new, combined with precise security." The Ministry of Health Bureau military logistics said that in recent years in the high altitude disease prevention special medicinal materials supply varieties continuously improve the quality of outstanding high altitude disease treatment medication, complete emergency rescue medication, increase disease medication in plateau disease, severe cases greatly reduced. It is reported that the next step will be to our existing reserves or equipment of plateau special medicine technology and quality standard of upgrading, and constantly improve the special medicine research ability and the level of equipment, and joint logistics system reform as an opportunity to force precise docking mission requirements, enhance the sustainable, rapid and accurate for reservoir protection ability. (Zhao Jie, Zhou Suping) (commissioning editor: Wang Lujia (Intern), Yan Jiaqi)相关的主题文章: