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News-and-Society M.V. Muhsin recollects his extraordinary days as young boy of Trinity College, Kandy. Attending the Trinity College Prize Giving in 2008, he addressed the school management, teachers and students and urged them to excel in their respective roles and empower themselves with weapons of knowledge for a bright future. A former Head Prefect and the Ryde Gold Medalist of Trinity College, Mohamed Muhsins inspiring message has not only been confined to the boundaries of Trinity, but has enlightened the teachers and student .munity around the world. Guidance to the Educators Mohamed Muhsin puts across to the staff and students at Trinity, how the power to change oneself, the school, the society and the nation lies in ones own hands. The school management, teachers and children face challenges in their respective roles but have to aspire to create a successful education system. The development of quality talent in a child starts from the formative age of the child. The responsibility to hone the talents of a child rests with both parents and teachers. Mohamed Muhsin recollects how his time at Trinity, as teacher, has been one of the most satisfying periods of his illustrious career. The worth and potentialities of a country get evaluated in and through the work of a teacher. The people of a country are the enlarged replica of their teachers. Mohamed Muhsin has pointed out that teachers should radiate knowledge. A teacher should also be a motivator, mentor and should infuse a creative learning habit in the students. Teachers being torch bearers of an educational system need to continuously upgrade their .petency. M.V.Muhsin draws the attention of teachers to Information technology, an important tool to increase knowledge. Access to Knowledge is Access to Success. Mohamed Muhsin points out how education is a major concern of parents. This concern is entrusted to the school and in turn to its teachers. The teachers must hold this in sacred trust. Parents are entitled to demand the highest standards from those whom they entrust their children. M.V.Muhsin has reiterated to parents to be equally prepared to support the discipline that teachers enforce on students. Parents should be disciplined enough to not interfere with the methodologies of the school. Their views and ideas can be conveyed through the mechanism of the Parent’s Teachers Association. Stimulus to the students To the students, M.V.Muhsin advises that failures and success are two sides of the same coin and children should aspire for a bright future. Education and upbringing in the schools should gives students the ammunition to fight the prevalence of crime, ethnic conflict, corruption, poverty, violence and drug addiction. M.V.Muhsin concludes his speech with a thought provoking story It’s the story of some mischievous young boys who set out to embarrass the village wise man. They wanted to prove that Siyya, the village elder, was just as foolish as all others. They went to him. One boy held a small bird, cupped in his hands, behind his back. And they were to ask whether the bird was dead or alive? If the wise man said it was dead, he would let the bird fly; if he said it was alive, he’d wring its neck and kill it. One way or the other, the wise old man had to lose. Siyya, they asked, Is the bird alive or dead? The boy was getting ready to let the bird fly or wring its neck and kill it depending on the answer. Siyya, the old man wise man looked at the boys in the eye. He reflected for a while and said firmly: "That Power Is In Your Hands". About the Author: 相关的主题文章: