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Coaching The three most important academic skills are the ability to memorize things accurately and quickly, to place new information into context of information that has already been learned, and to have a strong relationship with your teacher. Its important spends time developing skills that are useful for school because so many students focus instead on what to learn and do examine how they as individuals best learn. The academic skill of memorizing things quickly and accurately is what most people think about when they consider what it takes to perform well in class. The traditional way of thinking about memory as a form of visual mental pictures, sounds, or movements is useful, but it doesnt work the way that most people think. The idea that visual, audio, and kin-esthetic styles need to be matched between teacher and student in order to be useful does not apply. In the academic studies that look at matching, for example, a visual teacher with a student who has an aptitude for visual memory doesnt produce any significant difference in learning than if you matched that visual student with an audio or kin-esthetic teacher. However, if students spend time focusing on how they learn and why they can memorize certain pieces of information quickly, it helps them create a system to study more effectively. The process looks a lot like trial and error as you try out different ways of memorizing, for example, the spelling of a word. In the example of memorizing the spelling of the word exquisite, the 3 options that students most often use are: a visual pretty mental images of the word, audio sounding out the letters in sequence or kin-esthetic writing down the word over and over again. Students usually use one of these 3 methods for memorizing the spelling of words. The most effective method, however, is visual. In my practice as an Academic Life Coach, I have students who have used each of these 3 styles and I compared their methods to the grades that they get on tests. By far the most effective and efficient way of memorizing, is getting used to and comfortable with the visual method. You can practice by looking at the word exquisite and imagining that its a picture or painting. Take a moment to think of the word in your minds eye. Notice how the q is the only letter that goes below the line. Notice too how the word begins and ends the E. Notice a little dots above the eyes and how the T sticks up as well. The next step is to check your visual memory and to notice how easy it is to now spell the word by looking at the mental image that you created in your mind. To check if you really see and are using visual memory, spell the word backwards as quickly as you can by simply reading off the visual picture that you have. Academic Skill important for students to understand how to use the memory and how they learn best because students often equate their self-worth with their performance in school. And students pay attention to how they specifically memorize, they get better grades. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: