Abnormal thieves to steal water from the field to the sanitary napkins in the water to make female w-wetnwild

Perverted thieves steal field water distribution irrigation in female sanitary napkins to provoke panic in September 19th, oil security guards brigade, use the time to rest, hard climb grappling techniques. Reporters learned that some time ago, six production plant two mine area, a strange thing — the area with water indirectly two even three stolen, which caused a lot of women panic. Responsible to defend the region’s two patrol team captain Tian Geng said: "the water not what valuable things, are some of the tools, work clothes, but the impact is very bad, the scene did not use the sanitary napkins were torn, poured the water, the shadows in the female psychology, a case is not broken, our heart one day not peace." In order to capture the suspect as soon as possible, the protection of the brigade to strengthen the remote water distribution inspection tour. An invisible big net, quietly opened. August 23rd about 21 in the evening, the squad leader Song Zhijun’s cell phone suddenly sounded, duty leader told him, the number of water with the alarm, so that he quickly rushed to the scene of the 36. Song Zhijun and the two players are from the water distribution room not far, see a flashlight light in the indoor shaking, window has been artificially open, from time to time something flew out from the house, it seems someone is indoor theft. The interior is unknown, can not rush into, they decided to sit around the window flanked by two people in charge of squatting in front of the destroyed, another person responsible for monitoring the rear window. The thief found no abnormalities, from inside to outside to throw things less and less, not for a while, a shadow jumped out from the window, before landing foot, was waiting for the defending team down. After being caught, the thief looked puzzled and asked: "how do you find, I will come in five minutes, how can you so fast?" as long as you commit crimes, was arrested just one day a day late." The guard then suspects seized and turned over to the Public Security Bureau Ranghulu District lamadian. After the trial, the suspect Liu, a unit of employees, the unit from the stolen 500 meters, see water distribution room night didn’t care, had crooked heart. The stolen items are mainly employees work clothes, tools, shovels and other debris, and even a pencil core. Song Zhijun said: "if there is no daily exercise, the thief would not be so easy to get caught, you will be at loss to the scene, don’t know what to do." Note: video only for extended reading. The driver will block the plate tricks artifact "sanitary napkins enough" to join相关的主题文章: