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A passerby jewelry color T also can wear a large coffee fan introduction: speaking of color T-shirt, all-match, utility…… The advantages of closed eyes can also say one or two, enough to show that this single product popularity. But the ordinary attitude of basic style really has a very high rate of zhuangshan. How to avoid the popularization, and can wear fashionable is simple fan? The most convenient and the most effective way is to match a piece of jewelry, there is the role of the decadent magic. (reprinted from PClady) pure white T-shirt or black T-shirt that your wardrobe must have one or several pieces, they certainly are "difficult collocation conscience star single product, the stars can wear a white T-shirt, street dating, walk the red carpet, but why do you wear is not as good as in the street. Nice? Just because you lack the most eye accessories, it use the most simple product can also wear a lot of fan children. White is a symbol of pure white, no matter at that time is a classic color, but also all-match color. White T-shirt summer dress collocation is preferred, but not only it is enough, look at the stars is how to interpret the trendsetter. White T+ jeans with white T+ jeans with the most simple means that you can increase the number of possibilities, a gold jewelry superimposed on the upper body style multiplication, you are the capital of the handsome"! The blogger Chiara Ferragni blogger Chiara Ferragni universe with metal color single product collocation, highlight the shape of the sense of hierarchy, rather than chaotic, smooth and clean. Li Li Ande Ande La · Meiding La · Meiding with a bright eye-catching Necklace decorative white T-shirt, and wrist scarf collocation, look fashionable and interesting, all of a sudden out of white + blue dress in the basic jump. Miranda Kerr like Miranda Kerr like Choker or T clean white collocation, temperament and any accessories can deduce the unique taste. Watch Bracelet + the same suction eye if you dressed in white T-shirts full force T can be like, to focus entirely on the wrist, watch the same Bracelet + suction eye full force. The same V white collar T, different collocation the same V T White Collar Necklace, the necklace of different collocation can make you deduce a variety of style. Black and white T T is also a good collocation, and according to the black thin truth, the number of girls go for black T is more numerous. The classic black color T will never be outdated, simple and neat, can clear and handsome, sexy, but definitely not those dotting accessories. Black silver since ancient times has a mysterious tension, collocation black T have dull color add a vitality, street sense. Follow the width of collocation silver tight slimmer rules, levis jeans collocation with loose black T, will back into your pants, you can take Master street just a watch. With loose black levis jeans T collocation Taylor Taylor Taylor Swift choose to use a simple key shape Necklace collocation basic black T, with just perfect, instantaneous rope相关的主题文章: