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A navy helicopter successfully rescue trapped sea fishermen after the successful rescue, the first time for medical examination of the fishermen. Liu Shaozheng landed safely land. Liu Shaozheng photo original title: a navy helicopter successfully rescue trapped fishermen Chinese sea Naval Network (Liu Shaozheng) "successfully rescued two fishermen in distress, for return". In October 22nd, a Navy dispatched a helicopter dispatched emergency, successfully rescued 2 trapped fishermen in the Bohai waters. 22 am, the fishermen due to the failure of the ship’s power system, trapped Chrysanthemum Island Southeast of about 30 km, at any time there is danger of collapse, the Xingcheng municipal government asked the troops to support. At 10 o’clock in the morning, the Department received the northern theater command, emergency helicopters at 11:13, successfully rescued 2 fishermen in distress in return, 2 fishermen from Beihai rescue team to rescue ships nearby. On the same day, Bohai waves monstrous winds of 8 to 9, waves 2 to 3 meters, the sea fishing boat trapped in the goal of small, large swing amplitude, and on board many obstacles, a stern and pontoon boat with antenna, it is extremely difficult to rescue nets. Especially a 7, 8 meter high mast in irregular waves sloshing, easy winding cable, aircraft collision, bring great threat to the safety of the rescue unit. Time is life, commander Cui Ruifeng calm, scientific organization, requirements under the premise of ensuring safety, rescue efforts. Danger analysis quickly to complete the rescue unit, according to the rules and to decide the fishing boat, ship as middle position lifting, the lifeguard put to implement high single rope rescue boats. However, in the lifeguard approaching boats, suddenly a big waves beat, a mast and a lifeguard pass, the helicopter immediately increased height, complex sea units really scared into a cold sweat. Is to choose to give up or continue to rescue? "Human life, since we came again, this must be cautious, decisive attack!" Captain Chen Liming quickly adjust plan, cooperate closely with the lifeguard Li Shengren, finally in the surge downs in the starting time, the smooth of the lifeguards on fishing boats, has successfully rescued 2 trapped fishermen. "Thanks to you, you are great!" After the rescue, Xingcheng city leaders rushed to the airport, expressed gratitude to the Ministry, the northern theater has given a high degree of relief for the rescue operations. This rescue is testing the troops in the complicated circumstances of the emergency rescue capability, but also to promote the profound feelings and. More exciting content, please pay attention to the public, "WeChat Tencent military academy"相关的主题文章: