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Finance Financial professionals take heed—there is a new paradigm in effect for successful and realistic financial planning. Whether you are a financial planner, financial advisor, or a general financial consultant, the global economic and financial mess has created a lot of problems for financial professionals and the people they serve.As people struggle with losing their jobs—or even just the threat of losing their jobs—.bined with an almost overnight evaporation of wealth, financial planning as we know it be.es the least of their worries. In fact, many financial professionals have been laid off or fired as a result. The question now is what to do about it. Most people would agree that the government,primarily Barnie Frank,Chris Dodd,and Treasury Secretary Paulson and the major financial institutions (Bear Sterns, Lehman Brothers,Merrill Lynch,CitiBank,Freddie Mac,AIG,etc)are at fault here, and were the situation not so severe its attempts to remediate the problems would almost seem .ical. None of this is funny of course and is in fact very serious as we the people will be paying for their gross negligence for years to .e. Sadly, Congress is filled with economic and financial idiots who have not learned one thing from the history of the Great Depression and are repeating the identical mistakes which will push our country into Great Depression II. Even in the ramp-up to the current situation, we are all familiar with the problems most Americans had managing their finances. Overburdened with debt and with insufficient in.e to support it, most people could not control their money because their money controlled them. The financial meltdown has made this situation even more acute. Borrowing to try and maintain pace with their lifestyles, people became even more burdened with debt and often did so with declining in.es as well. There is however a solution. The new paradigm is for people to obtain the practical hands on financial education they never learned in school so they can take control of their own finances.(Of course, Congress will refuse to participate.Once people learn that the management of their own finances is not .plicated, they will automatically gain confidence in their own ability to trust the person who has the greatest interest in their affairs – themselves. Couple this new understanding with an extraordinary in.e derived through online direct sales marketing, and survival is no longer the issue. Instead, people can focus on creating wealth and an abundant future. We all know the principles of sound fiscal management. People must learn and apply sound financial principles such as living within their means, being debt free,and invest wisely for the future. But when you can barely put food on the table, all of the sound financial advice in the world is moot. The new paradigm in financial planning, Financial Planning 2.0, is to help people help themselves. Show them how to get the financial education they need and how to earn an in.e they have perhaps only dreamed about, and the entire financial planning model once again works. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: