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Crafts-Hobbies Considered a favorite flower by many, roses have long enchanted people. Roses are available in a multitude of colors, shapes, and sizes. They provide drama and beauty to any garden. If you’re looking for a wonderful heirloom-quality project, you can’t really go wrong with a cross stitch rose pattern. One reason so many people are fascinated by roses is how they symbolize life’s struggles and achievements. If you survive the thorns of life, you’re rewarded with loveliness and contentment. You’ll find no shortage of possibilities if you are looking for a cross stitch rose pattern. You can stitch an arrangement of realistic roses or, if you like, a modern rendition by artists such as Rennie Mackintosh. The design you decide to stitch should suit the tastes of the recipient. But as you’re considering your choices, don’t forget the symbolic meaning of roses. For instance, consider Venus and Aphrodite. These Greek goddesses of love were symbolized by roses. Another influence roses had on society is in the derivation of the term ‘sub rosa.’ In Italy when a secret meeting took place, they placed a rose on the door. The rose symbolized that the meeting was ‘under the rose,’ which meant they were keeping secrets. Many centuries ago, Christians considered the five petals of the rose to symbolise the five wounds of Christ, and the red rose was used to symbolise the blood of Christian martyrs. Many cultures feel the rose is symbolic. For both England and the United States, the rose is the national flower. For many people, social democracy and socialism are symbolized by red roses. Roses can be found on many coats of arm. Moreover, the English War of the Roses was fought by two groups, the House of Lancaster and the House of York, that were represented by roses. The House of Lancaster was represented by a red rose while the House of York was represented by a white rose. Flowers are thought to have meanings, and roses are no exception. * Red roses are thought to symbolize love. If the red rose is a rosebud, it symbolizes both beauty and purity. Also, if a red rose has no thorns, it’s believed to reflect love at first sight. * A yellow rose means platonic love, friendship and joy. It can also symbolise new beginnings. If the yellow rose has red tips, this could indicate falling in love. Beware of yellow roses in German speaking countries. Here, they mean infidelity and jealousy. * A pink rose symbolises grace and appreciation and a dark pink colour conveys gratitude. Light pink roses mean admiration and sympathy. * An orange or peach coloured rose convey desire, passion, sensuality and fascination. * White roses are lovely depictions of innocence. Many brides utilize white rosebuds in their bouquets. For others, the white rose symbolizes starting a new life or possessing humility and reverence. If you choose a perfect cross stitch rose pattern that has a rose in an inappropriate colour for what you wish to convey, do not despair. With just a little thought, you can easily adapt the design to ac.modate a new color. Here are some tips to help you: * Simply changing the color of the thread isn’t enough. You should look for the same brand as the rest of the threads you’ll be using. Sometimes different brands of thread look different, so always use the same brand. * When you change the color of the rose, don’t f.et to add shading. Shading gives the flowers a three-dimensional appearance. Don’t simply buy one color to stitch the rose. * When in doubt, as for help. The employees at a craft store should be able to help you pick the right threads. Also, hold the threads next to each other so you can see how the shading will look. Moreover, don’t just consider the color of the roses when making your thread choice. Make certain the roses don’t clash with the material and the other threads you’ll be using on your cross stitch rose pattern. Keep these tips in mind, and you’re certain to create a great rose pattern that will delight a friend or family member. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: