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Dating The day was cold and I found refuge in a hot coffee and a warm Caf. The room was quiet except for the hissing and grinding of the machines. She opened the door with one smooth motion and appeared inside with a glow in her cheeks and a big and beautiful smile on her face. I was .fortable on a corner couch slow typing my latest online confession, but when she came in I lost my breath. I couldnt help but stare as she ordered her own cup of salvation. She had long brown hair and a more than curvaceous body. She stood at no more than 5 foot 5 and was built on a voluptuous 200-pound frame. I was always attracted to big women but she had even more, she had a sparkle that I could feel as she looked at me. Wait a minute; she was looking at me. I needed to do something, say something, even smiling would have been better than the dumb founded look I had on my face. I closed my laptop, took a deep breath and made my way over to where she was now sitting. As I approached her I could smell her perfume, it smelled incredible, fresh and exciting. I was scrolling my way through a bbw dating site last night and none of the women .pared to this vision. She seemed almost unreal, like a mirage in this weird downtown coffee desert. I reached her table and fumbled out a hello ac.panied with the most sincere smile I had in me. Her eyes glistened as she smiled and her plump lips parted to speak. But I woke upface down on my laptop in my cold November office. Shapes of the keys indented in my cheeks and a series of fat dating sites on my screen. What a dream, what a woman. If this was you in my dreams, find me; make a man grateful to kiss you everyday. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: