97Net users to calculate the probability of only 51000 of the theory is still hope|Net users to calculate the probability of only 51000 of the theory is still hope1

The calculation of national football qualifying only 5/1000 probability theory is still hope Lippi battle today’s demonstration will be based in Kunming, Russia in the 2018 World Cup Asian zone 12 finals in Qatar and clash again. At present, the national football coach or both from the lineup have been changed, to more than 7 months before the 2 to 0 home court Qatar reunion, the two teams have a meaning. On the situation in the country and the war of life and death in March 29, 2016, the World Cup qualifier in Xi’an in the 40 round of the final round, qualifying situation against the Chinese team against qatar. The final Chinese team than the 2 win 0 defeat, and with Jordan, Oman and North Korean national football lucky draw, "one percent" to seize this opportunity into the top 12. This time before the fight, there are tyrants learn to calculate the net, 1 flat and 3 negative national leg of the top 12 qualifying probability of only 5/1000. In theory, the 12 race finally accumulated 14 points is likely to qualify as group third, now four Harding Park, national football is only 1 points, considering there are 6 games, theoretically there is hope. But for China, there is no retreat. The desperate to find different opponents to China Qatar team a slim chance of survival now the situation is completely unlike the original. In Xi’an, Qatar has been on the line, against the national foot did not put all the effort. After the 12 round of the previous round of the top 3, Qatar,, a total of 1 wins and losses of 3 points, the Chinese team of 1 flat and negative product 1 points, ranked A after the group of two, the game for both sides are not allowed to lose. This trip to Kunming, Qatar team seems to have been bad, yesterday afternoon the West army be long in coming. The flight plan rich Qatar team long before 13 days from Doha to Kunming, but they take the Qatar Airways flights to Kunming route Doha previously did not have the license. Qatar’s charter flights to Kunming failed, the team finally only from Doha to fly to Thailand Bangkok. There are rumors that the Qatar team also missed the evening of 13 Bangkok to Kunming flights, only to lead the team late. In addition, the Qatar four generals unable to play due to be suspended. The media said, they are very important players in the team, "the 4 players in the 2 can often play the first, while the other two are also important rotation players, they can’t go to us is definitely a bad news." Interesting new face the same problem compared with the war card 7 months ago, the coach changes are enormous. 1 to 0 victory over Qatar is Gao Hongbo back to the national team after second games, the first game despite 4 to 0 victory over Maldives, but many people think that the Orangemen did not hope. Standing on the edge of the cliff Gao Hongbo buckle down to Kunitari cheer, when he said, "I don’t want nobody willing to take over, no one is willing to enter the national team." Half a year later, the national football coach Marcello Lippi into. Yesterday’s press conference, Lippi is confident: "I believe that with the China team, have the ability to play good football, we have the ability to attack the organization to become more orderly, we have the best defender, midfielder and striker.