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95 after the blue collar work 9.4 hours a day Mid Autumn Festival express little brother 70% overtime 11 points last night, working in a Nanjing company, Liu Peng (a pseudonym) the final design site still on a computer over the upcoming September 19th wedding. Work overtime in the Mid Autumn Festival holiday in Liu Peng is not a person in combat, ganji.com and number 100 market research company has just released the "95 new" blue collar status report shows, including Nanjing, Suzhou, Wuxi, 36 national level one or two city, 38 new blue collar occupation, white-collar workers average working day 9.4 after 95 hours of blue, the monthly rest only 3.7 days. During the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, the reporter on the city’s "hard worker ants" by close investigation. Yangzi Evening news career status all media reporter Xu Xiaofeng Han Fei East China Central China region after 95 very love to work report in Nanjing, Eastern and central regions of the 95 new blue collar city top ten who love to Nanjing, located at fourth and ninth respectively. After these 95 new blue collar workers, would prefer to leave home near big cities, most will choose the provincial capital city, followed by close to the first tier cities or other big cities. 95 after the new blue collar job is pretty fight, acquaintances, network recruitment, talent market recruitment is the main way of employment, in a second tier city, 95 new blue collar recruitment employment accounted for more than 90% through the network, and in the three or four line of the city, acquaintances introduce higher employment the proportion of. Born in 1996, Li home in Anhui Ma’anshan, graduated from a high school, he did not hesitate to follow the neighbor to Nanjing to become an express little brother. Xiao Li told reporters: young people in the village almost all work in Nanjing, my parents want me to buy a house in Nanjing, settled." Xiao Li is currently living in the house with a few friends live in the courier house. In recent years the rapid rise in housing prices in Nanjing, Li knew that his salary is very difficult to buy a house in Nanjing, but he is still very optimistic: "now I have been living in Nanjing, now young, eat more bitter, the money will earn more and more, the parents help, hope to buy a house or the." Daily work 9.4 hours a month all have 3.7 days ganji.com survey data show that they work an average of 9.4 hours a day, overtime is a homely food, less than 20% of working hours in 8 hours. The survey also found that only 10.7% of the 95 new blue collar a week to rest for 2 days, and 36.5% blue collar monthly only 1 to 4 days of rest, another 3.8% said that in addition to work, basically no rest. On average, these "city worker ants" monthly rest only 3.7 days. In the work intensity of the top ten categories of occupations, drivers, cutting distribution workers, couriers, massage technicians and real estate brokers ranking. I heard that the Mid Autumn Festival overtime pay doubled, Mike volunteered to work overtime in the mid autumn festival. He told reporters that this small holiday, like him to work in the field of small partners, seven Chengdu overtime. Li worked more than 11 hours a day on average, but wages are not legendary.相关的主题文章: