90 girls beauty a beauty needle but right eye blindness risk (video) replays.net

90 girls beauty a beauty needle eye blind – unexpectedly insurance reporter Lin Hui correspondent Wei Ying Zhang Hao recently, 23 year old Ms. Meng eye suddenly disappeared, hurriedly rushed to the Zhengzhou people’s hospital. After examination, her central retinal artery was blocked. This is a common ophthalmic emergency in the elderly! Most of them are elderly patients with hypertension, diabetes mellitus, arteriosclerosis and other systemic diseases. Why did Miss Meng Meng suffer from this accident? Originally, Ms. Meng just took part in the work soon, because of beauty, together with friends to acquaintances do beauty, in the eye around the injection of hyaluronic acid, after injection, suddenly found a dark, the right eye disappeared. Zhengzhou people’s hospital chief physician Wang Yanqing eye analysis, Ms. Meng’s eye is likely to be in the injection of hyaluronic acid, due to improper operation, resulting in some hyaluronic acid into the eye around the blood vessels, blood flow through hyaluronic acid to the retinal blood vessels. Before entering the optic nerve and the eyeball, the central retinal artery needs to pass through the optic nerve hard sheath and the scleral sieve plate, where the blood vessel is narrow and easy to be embolized." Wang Yanqing said that the entry of the vascular hyaluronic acid blocked the important channel for the eyes to transport oxygen and nutrients – the central retinal artery, and eventually led to Ms. Meng’s right eye vision as manual. Manual vision is a poor performance of vision, when the use of visual acuity table inspection of visual acuity below 0.02, instead of examination index, if the index can not be achieved, check whether you can feel the manual hand and so on." Once the central retinal artery occlusion occurs, the patient loses light perception within a few minutes. If this happens, should not more than one hour to the regular hospital for emergency vascular dilation, or very little possibility of eyes fuming!" Wang Yanqing reminds, hairdressing, plastic, inject hyaluronic acid should go to professional hospital, inject by professional doctor. Video: so you dare to play thin face needle do today: Zhengzhou children abandoned infraredimages underground cold shivering today hot smell: 90 girls beauty a beauty needle right eye blindness risk unexpectedly in Shangqiu net exposure of two female college students dormitory were exposed Longhai Road brawl truth Zhengzhou purple Jingshan Road crane operation site severe congestion Henan billionaire murder 16 years after DNA to obtain new evidence in the treatment of heart not happy when the man pulled hair nurse beaten

90后女孩爱美打个美容针 不料右眼险失明□记者林辉通讯员魏颖张浩最近,23岁的孟女士右眼突然看不见了,急急忙忙赶到郑州人民医院就诊。经检查,她的视网膜中央动脉阻塞了。这是一种常见于老年人的眼科急症!多发于患高血压、糖尿病、动脉硬化等全身性疾病的老年人身上。年轻的孟女士为何遭此不测?原来,孟女士刚参加工作不久,因为爱美,和朋友一起去熟人那里做美容,在眼周围注射了玻尿酸,注射后突然发现眼前一片昏暗,右眼看不见了。郑州人民医院眼科主任医师王艳青分析,孟女士的眼睛很可能是在注射玻尿酸时,由于操作不当,导致部分玻尿酸进入眼周围的血管,经过血液流动将玻尿酸带到了视网膜血管。“视网膜中央动脉在进入视神经及眼球之前,需要通过视神经硬鞘膜及巩膜筛板,此处血管狭窄,容易发生栓塞。”王艳青说,误入血管的玻尿酸阻断了为眼睛输送氧气、养分的重要通道——视网膜中央动脉,并最终导致孟女士的右眼视力为手动。“视力手动是视力很差的一种表现,当使用视力表检查视力低于0.02时,则改为检查指数,如果指数也达不到,则检查是否能感觉到眼前手动等情况。”“视网膜中央动脉阻塞一旦发生,患者几分钟内便可失去光感。一旦出现这种情况,应最多不超过一小时到正规医院进行血管扩张等急救,否则眼睛复明的可能性微乎其微!”王艳青提醒,美容、整形、注射玻尿酸应到专业的医院,由专业医生进行注射。相关视频: 这样的瘦脸针 你敢打吗 今日热图:郑州小兄妹被遗弃地下通道 寒风中瑟瑟发抖今日热闻:90后女孩爱美打个美容针 不料右眼险失明网曝商丘两名女大学生宿舍内被群殴 真相曝光郑州紫荆山路陇海路大吊车作业 现场严重拥堵河南亿万富翁杀人疑案 16年后DNA获取新证男子在救治时心中不痛快 扯女护士头发殴打相关的主题文章: