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Pregnancy so dry, the baby will be very strong"! The original mother – Sohu, welcome to share personal media forwarding, reproduced please contact the author. The author Dr. dove air863 is also pregnant baby, after the baby is born, some are strong, some babies may be weak and sick. When we envy other people, the in the mind unavoidably can think in the end why other people’s children’s body can be so strong crazy? Is it really just because eating it? When the baby is strong and healthy enough to be inseparable, but not all of the credit. Adequate nutrition, the baby can be more healthy, it is certain. However, there are other factors that are necessary for a baby to be strong. In the end how to give birth to a healthy, strong baby? We must exercise a lot of people will be pregnant and lying at home draw equal sign, in fact, this is a big mistake. For pregnant women, the appropriate exercise, for their own health and child development are of great benefit. Adhere to exercise during pregnancy, the baby can be more healthy, at the same time, there is a significant reduction in the risk of illness. Do not know how to walk out of pregnancy, has been at home. Many people think it is a dangerous thing to be in public places during pregnancy. However, home air quality is far lower than that of the fresh air outside, of course, except the fog haze weather in Beijing. The worse the air quality, the greater the likelihood of autism. Moreover, contains a variety of pathogenic factors of foul air, to the health of pregnant women have a great threat. So it’s important to keep the air inside the room apart from going to the park for a fresh air. Avoid contact with the family a lot of people are at home for some of the dangers of the existence of something to turn a blind eye, such as plastic bottles, cosmetics and other suspicious. Pregnant women should not be exposed to these toxic substances during pregnancy. Toxic substances, will harm the health of pregnant women, but also affect the child’s intelligence and physical development. Yogurt and vitamin D can not be a lack of pregnant women during pregnancy drink yogurt, while ensuring that the intake of vitamin D is also very important. Yogurt can play a very good protection effect the health of pregnant women, reduce the amount of toxic substances; plenty of vitamin D, can prevent a variety of diseases in pregnancy, let the baby more healthy growth. Baby health, is our unremitting pursuit. Want baby health, first of all we can’t do all kinds of wrong things. Only if we do the right thing, the baby can be truly healthy! WeChat sweep download client letters every day