74Figure Macan style designed to expose the Thai B12 interior official figure – Sohu automobile|Figure Macan style designed to expose the Thai B12 interior official figure – Sohu automobile0

Aiming at the design of the Macan style exposure of the Thai B12 interior official figure – Sohu car [Sohu car new] recently, the Thai Group officially announced the Thai B12 interior official figure. New car as a Thai S series of second SUV models, or named the Thai SR8. The picture shows that its interior draw lessons from Porsche Macan design style, and the appearance of the new car is also very much like the Porsche Macan models. From the release of the interior of the official view, new car interior layout and Porsche Macan are very similar, using the console full leather wrapped, in the air conditioning vent around with chrome trim decoration and wood trim collocation, enhance the interior quality. In addition, the new car is equipped with three spoke multifunction steering wheel, large size in the control screen, integrated LCD panel, etc., and the shift lever around the integration of a number of function keys, configuration is more abundant. The car seat with a dark red color and build on car style, look more fashionable young. Appearance, from the previous exposure of the official view, the new appearance is a reference to Macan design style, "shark" face collocation trapezoidal grille, headlights sharp fashion, avant-garde and rich sense of the entire front. Body lines smooth and sharp side through waist design, with a similar style coupe. Power, the new car will be equipped with a codenamed 2.0T 4G63S4T turbocharged engine, the maximum output power of 190 horsepower, transmission and engine matching or 5 speed manual and 6 speed dual clutch gearbox. It is reported that the new car is expected to officially listed in this year’s sales. (responsible editor: Bear fly)