7 even Yang rare stock index next week there is a high point-hamimelon

The history of a rare 7 with Yang prev next week and high prev Friday stepped back 60 day moving average support rebound, debt concept stalled, as the representative of the Chinese Unicom SOE reform stocks strong trend. As of the close, the stock index at 3063 points, up 0.08%, K line stock index seven with Yang, the gem fell 0.65%. Two cities a slight decline in turnover, total turnover of 423 billion 400 million yuan. Capital flows show the main net outflow of 4 billion 60 million, Hong Kong and Shanghai through the funds show a net inflow of 1 billion 26 million. On the surface, the hot spot is more scarce, the subject shares in the doldrums, the concept of debt has been divided, stocks overall rose more or less the pattern. [analysis] shortly after 7 with Yang prev next week and the history of a rare high after a week, the main stock index rose for 5 consecutive days, if before the addition of the 2 days rise, the stock index has appeared in 7 with positive trend, from a historical point of view, 7 Lian Yang is difficult to appear in the bull market, bear market. 7 even Yang told us that the market is still in a strong. From the second half of this year, the Shanghai index, Shenzhen refers to small plates, the gem refers to the existence of a magic rule, every time after the emergence of the next file gap can effectively supplement market outlook. And most appear in the big line, then launched a wave of market rebound. From this week’s point of view, deep, small plates, the gem has been back to fill the gap, the stock index next week has to fill the gap, coupled with the strong characteristics of 7 even Yang, the stock index next week there is a high point. The opportunity, research analyst Wang Zhongxun card that debt should be the focus of mining, in October 10th, the State Council issued guidance, the market of bank debt into equity views that optimize the debt structure, in order to carry out market-oriented bank debt to equity, bankruptcy law, the development of equity financing. If the shares will usher in opportunities. Grasp the opportunity in debt, you can follow the three main. Grasp the three main lines of debt to equity AMC business class: Hyde shares (000567) (leading shares, the only one with the AMC license of private listed companies), Shaanxi International Trust A, Tianjin Princeton (002134), Chongqing (601158), water (600120), Zhejiang Oriental Real Estate XinDa (600657), TEDA shares (000652), Dongxing securities (601198), LaSalle Bank (002285), Qinchuan machine (000837), (601177), hang teeth forward Falson (000890). AMC approved: drag shares (601038), CSC Phoenix (000520), Sinosteel International (000928), a China (601106), Hangyang (002430), Northeast Pharmaceutical (000597), sailing shares. Financial assets exchange: branch of the financial assets (002657), Teng Bang International (300178). Today, Wang video programs focus on give us two debt to equity shares to benefit from the variety, details can watch the video "energy-saving". [operation] stock index is now seven even Yang trend, which is not seen in the history of A shares, indicating that the general direction is still good. At the same time that the market next week and next week the market will be high, covering around 3078;相关的主题文章: