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6+3 double ticket Fujian Pingtan meritorious female football lottery Lotto 10 million 630 thousand Sohu –       luck to lottery this can not be met for the wedding, you do not need to labor pains, and wrestling…… You just need to put out his hand, in passing or occasional lottery station, or by easily spend 2 yuan or a few dollars, buy a few note or public welfare lottery, you may inadvertently be good luck phase, fortune comes, is inconceivable million lottery awards, award of 5 million yuan, 10 million Yuan grand prize 16 million Yuan grand prize is even Pidianpidian followed, you hit a make others be taken by surprise, and the fantastic story amazed endless so passionate interpretation of awards…… This does not, after 93 girl from Fujian Pingtan small Gu experimentation area is such a very lucky person, just enter the society not long after her in half a year ago to buy the public welfare lottery, she preferred the gameplay is renowned domestic color city award more with about 3000000000 jackpot lottery lotto. After about half of the stick, and the seemingly young and ignorant pure and pleasant after 93 beauty Xiao Gu in the evening of July 25th 7, after passing Pingtan experimentation area in Fujian Tan Cheng Zhen Jiang Zi Kou 36 No. 21030 station, remember that night is the Lotto lottery day (every Monday, three, Six lottery lotto lottery day) then, with a handwritten 6+3 double votes, the magic is so lucky to play, she won the lottery Lotto 16086th first prize 10 million yuan cap, and also in the two prize, 2 note 5 note third-prize and 10 note four prize, the total prize money of 10 million 360 thousand yuan. Later, many people said humorously: "this is really a big young lady." Entering the community, clerk of half a year ago playing Lotto according to Xiao Gu said, she was out of work before long, a company engaged in clerical work in Pingtan said that at present, clerical work and actually worked in a small company, what had to do, overtime is a homely food thing, as this will often work overtime. Let her pay a little water up, instead, who call the market is not very good now, the economic pressure, salary each month only more than 2 thousand. However, little wisdom did not complain, but insisted, she said the teacher often said to them: "we can win." In order to relieve the pressure, have some fun, she wanted to buy a lottery ticket, this is mainly a few colleagues in her company often bought in, and often in the company said the lottery Lotto prize pool is very high, more than and 30 hundred million, if in a vote, it would start his own company. At first, she would just listen to, often also in thinking, in the tens of millions of Yuan grand prize, very difficult! However, in half a year ago, she decided to try, of course, she did not buy the period, but in passing the lottery site, will inadvertently go in and buy a buy, buy lottery lottery Lotto is of course her colleagues often say. From the old pick, buy tickets by the effect of 6+3 about the selection and gambling after, Xiao Gu said excitedly: "with the usual no)相关的主题文章: