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Why use a hammer phone can not go back? Sohu technology reproduced from the micro-blog user @ is investigating the 1 simple desktop with a simple desktop can not go back, the efficient 916 house, hidden application name, etc.. Do not look at the desktop too long, one or two months after you look at other phones can not stand. 2 refreshing notice bar hammer push bar can be shielded, do not bother me, I would like to see their natural will see. The 3 error message to cancel, SMS regularly send a hammer has, not apple. I now write messages too awkward, sometimes mistake by the sending, then cancel the ignorant, where? This apple is not inclusive, and the hammer is inclusive and considerate. 4 HandShaker in order to use a hammer powerful transformation of Apple users, do a lot of adaptation’s things, such as HandShaker, for example, is suitable for EarPods, I now use mobile phone to connect Mac to hammer a lot easier. 5 timing mute hammer mute can set the length of time, most of the phone can not set the length of silence, each time when the silence will be worried about the delay. 6 drop down hover hammer drop hover, large finger touch screen drop-down can be triggered, very consistent with the perception of the operation. 7 quick column hammer shortcut bar, simple and can be customized. 8 contact a variety of ways to arrange the hammer inside the contact support in accordance with different ways to classify, so better. To sum up, after experiencing the hammer phone and Smartisan OS, I was really hard to go back with other phones. Click to read the original text to hammer technology official website to learn more.