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Inspirational Is it possible to manifest a perfect relationship? If you could find such a thing, what would it be like – the perfect mother or father, sister or brother, friend, lover, client. If you sought such a relationship, where would you look? One of the best ways to find a perfect relationship is to look within. Deep within the inmost recesses of your heart resides your soul, your dearest friend, your highest Self, one who wants perfection for you at every moment, in every way. What do you seek in a perfect relationship? Oneness, unconditional love, joy, .passion, tenderness, understanding, someone to hold you accountable lovingly. You find all of these qualities in your soul. Soul Relationship Would it then be sensible to model the self after your soul and at the same time develop a relationship with your soul? If you seek to mold yourself into what you believe is worthy, then love your soul. You will manifest your ideal relationship by believing in it and nourishing it, as though it were a child given to you from your Source. Are you one who consistently fails to show your smiling face, your sense of humor, your inner confidence and poise to those you love and to those with whom you do business? What about the client who knows exactly how to push your buttons or the family member who cant wait to get in their usual dig? Wouldnt you like to show a face of peace and equanimity? This may be enough motivation to begin immediately to get to know your soul, learn to .municate with it and experience what it might feel like to enjoy a perfect relationship. Sacred Space To establish any kind of relationship, we must first meet with the person on a regular basis. In order to actually meet with your soul you may wish to establish a sacred space somewhere in your home that is .fortable, private, quiet and out of the public eye. Making your space beautiful, clean, simple and uncluttered is your goal. Placing a table with flowers, a candle or art object helps to keep your consciousness focused. You may wish to keep spiritual or uplifting books there to read. Having soulful and spiritual music available is a plus. Feel free to be creative. You will find that your sacred space calls you inwardly and inspires you to spend time there once or twice a day. The vibration should be one that makes you feel soulful and that elevates your consciousness. It is here that you can learn to listen quietly to your soul. This can be a time of discovery. Each soul has different qualities and sends messages in its own unique way. One person may hear words; another may see something, yet another may get an inner feeling. All are correct. All need sacred space; the farmer, the cook and the CEO of a large .pany. All seek a haven of peace and quiet away from the cacophony of this world. The seeker begins to identify with the peace, beauty, simplicity and sacred quality of time spent in the sacred space each day. The seekers consciousness is elevated and attitudes and actions are transformed. No longer will one feel that ones relationships are suffering. Your soul is all loving kindness. Allowing your soul to be a model for you enables you to build relationships in a like manner. Your loving kindness will attract new and more perfect relationships of oneness, admiration and caring. Plan and utilize your sacred space now. You will .e to know and love your soul, establish it as your best friend and find that it desires to serve you in many, wonderful ways. Lo, you are manifesting the perfect relationship! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: