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5 IMPORTANT STEPS TO CREATING SUCCESS IN NETWORK MARKETING ABOUT THIS eBOOK This book will guide you in your quest for solid independence in your own business. One of the fundamental behaviors that will be prescribed is INTERDEPENDENCE and the spirit of contribution. Creating Success In Network Marketing is an eBook for those who see themselves be.ing STICKERS. . . Those who do not relish continually changing vehicles . . . Those whose objective is to gain MASTERY in one .pany, remaining engaged in the process of growth and development until you are truly GRAND MASTERS and have be.e your own leader. 1. How To Create & Grade Your List. The most important .modity in any home based business is contact list. Without people to share your product, service or business opportunity with, it does not matter about the rest of the details. You should consider your business as a factory and your contacts as the raw materials. Every business, large or small, must have a grand Opening and then continue to expose your products or services and recruit new participants to fulfill the demand of continuous growth if it is going to be.e a thriving, profitable and enduring enterprise. A. Creating Your List: One of the simplest ways to create an enormous data base of contacts is to use the index of your local yellow pages directory as a memory jogger. This is a vitally important exercise and, if you are seeking extraordinary results, I re.mend investing an entire weekend (two full days) pouring over every category from A to Z and racking your brain about who you know in each of the literally hundreds if not thousands of categories listed. For example: Starting with Automotive: Who do you know who sells cars? Who do you know who repairs cars? Who do you know who loves cars? Who do you know who has a distinctive car? Give careful thought to who .es to mind when you think of the word car. I am sure you can appreciate that this exercise, if taken seriously can easily take two full eight hour days to .plete. Please trust me when I say that this could be one of the most valuable projects that you could ever engage in to create an abundance mentality and establish a huge market potential. 2. The Importance of Persistence & Consistence (Why it is important for the success of your Home Business) I will until is the mantra of the persistent and consistent individual. When a rock cutter hits a rock 100 times before successfully making his cut, which one is the most important? ANSWER: All of them. 3. What to Say to the Nay-Sayers Many Billionaires believe in Network Marketing If you want someones lifestyle listen to their advice and opinions. We all know people whose lifestyle would be our worst nightmare so why do we let losers steal our dreams? Belly buttons and opinions are a dime a dozen, however, there are amazing examples of success who will tell you that Network marketing is a business model that they whole heartedly endorse and re.mend. Unless their business track record is more impressive that Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki, Warren Buffet or Sir Richard Branson, nobody is qualified to negate the colossal power and proven effectiveness of the Network Marketing Industry. 4. The Law of Association In preparing yourself for the formulation of your Mission Statement and in refining the description of the person you are fully .mitted to be.ing, you must surround yourself with others who have above average skills in your chosen areas and more importantly measurable results. However, you must be equally as conscious to avoid frequent exposure to those whose values and character are obviously a direct contradiction to your own objectives. 5. Creating Your Mission Statement The first and most essential .ponent for creating a solid foundation for mastery of a successful and productive distributorship is the crystal clear definition of your WHY. Your WHY can be defined as your strategic objective . . . your ultimate goal . . . the result you ardently desire to create as a product of your efforts in your Network Marketing business. Nothing could be more misguided than to set out on this venture without having a burning desire for a very specific end result that is personal and clearly envisioned by you. You must, by design, distill your wishes and dreams into a short, clear, laser focused Mission Statement that you can review every morning upon rising and every evening before retiring. Our vision for you is a long term, enjoyable, rewarding and enlightening experience as you establish yourself as a professional in this remarkable industry of Network Marketing. Please feel wel.e to visit blueprintsforachievements.. to access a FREE .prehensive data base of video tutorials. You can opt in to our e-broadcast list if you would like to be kept up to date about receiving additional training information. You will see the opt in form to the right on the main page. Wishing you abundance and Success. Our Best Always, Ken Smith and Patti Ross 相关的主题文章: