Italian Art At The Mart Museum In Rovereto-高达08ms小队

Arts-and-Entertainment Curated by Gabriella Belli and Daniela Ferrari, this event includes two different exhibitions that develop two autonomous cultural branches, resulting into an exhaustive exhibition in all senses, an exhibition that explores all the aspects of recent art history in Italy. A benchmark not only for the region Trentino but also for the regions Lombardy and Veneto. The main theme of the first exhibition is the rediscovery of those artists that were protagonist of the cultural world from the 50s to the 80s and that were able to create a privileged and unique context in Italy, offering an independent and original creative path that unfortunately has been sometimes forgotten by critics and left in the foreground in comparison to other branches. This section of the exhibition is primarily meant to give evidences of these artists, who have been active after the second World War. Lights will be above all on those groups that were born in that period, like the Gruppo Nucleare, which included Franco Bemporad, Enrico Baj, Roberto Crippa, Gianni Dova and Piero Manzoni, but also Tempo 3 and Sperimentale p. A very varied panorama that can convey the artistic ferment of that time. Interesting are also the sections dedicated to the main artistic movements of the time and that are known as concrete rationalism, constructivism and informal: to each of these movements a special section gathering the main artists and works is dedicated, to give voice to those artists that have carried on the path towards abstraction started in the 30s or that left this path to explore new ones, like in the case of those regarding the freedom and energy of gestures. In the section dedicated to informal there are also works by Agenore Fabbri, which were collected by Feierabend, whom is dedicated an exhibition-competition that takes place every two years and that will be held for the 5th time this year. The event is meant to take stock of the state of Italian art and its developments. Moreover Fabbris works and artistic path have recently been protagonist of a retrospective at the Museo della Permanente of Milan, curated by Mart itself. The second part of the exhibition is dedicated to the works of younger artists, who in some way interact with the generation of the 80s. Artists have been selected by Mart curators in collaboration with Volker W. Feierabend, whose choices have been influenced by his long experience as a collector and by his experience with the Agenore Fabbri Award. This section includes two sections in turn, one dedicated to figurative representation, the other one to abstraction. Another section of the exhibition is called ironic conceptualism, which has been represented by works of international artist throughout the year, while now it is dedicated to Italy. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: