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Pets Most people love dogs, but one thing that really gets to them, is the dog doing their business inside the house. Not only will it make the house smell, it could also damage the carpet or other things of value in the house. Potty training is not as difficult as it seem. Even though it’s a lengthy procedure, at the end, it’s worth it. For most dogs, it’s easier to potty train them as puppies. However, adult dogs can still be potty trained, but it will take extra effort and patience. To start potty training them, the simplest method is the newspaper method. This method has been proven to be very successful and one of the most effective. To those thinking, "I’ve tried or thought about that type of potty training," did you stick with it long enough to give it a chance to work? If not, follow along and give it another try, it really works! To start potty training your dog, find a suitable place in the house, maybe by the back door. Place a lot of newspaper there and every hour or so, place the dog on the newspaper and tell him to do the toilet, or whatever .mand you want it to be. Sooner or later, (yes maybe later than you like), the dog will begin to do their business. Repeat the process every hour, especially after the dog has slept and ate. After each successful potty training, praise your dog with a treat or something similar. Also, make sure to keep a close eye on the dog when they’re roaming the house during potty training. You may be in for a little treat yourself otherwise. In a few days or so, the dog will remember where to go to do their business. This is when you can start to move the newspaper outside, or atleast closer to the way out. When the dog .es again to where the newspaper used to be, move the dog outside to where the newspaper is. After a couple times or so, the dog will know he has to go outside to do his business. Potty training your dog is not something that can be done overnight. Look how long it takes a child to learn. Some dogs will take longer than others so you must be patience, just like you would with your child. Remember to never yell at your dog when you see them doing their business at the wrong place. This will only make them scared, which will make potty training your dog longer. With a lot of hard work and determination, you can teach your dog anything, especially potty training. Potty training your dog is just a step toward another ac.plishment in your dog’s life. Start to train them when they’re young and make sure they receive lots of treats and praise. It’s amazing how far a loving relationship with your dog can go. Remember, they’re apart of your family to. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: