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UnCategorized The part of a house that takes the greatest beating but is least considered is the roof. As long as there is no obvious leak on the ceiling or .ing down the wall, many take the roof for granted, assuming it’s doing its job just fine. It may be fine today, but tomorrow? Like every other part of a structure, the roof deteriorates and is subject to storm, hail, and wind damage. Is it subject to algae growth, water rot, and even animal damage. Do you know what’s going on with your roof right now? When it the last time it was inspected? Major roof repair can get expensive. A bit of preventative maintenance can go far in extending the life of the roof and avoiding many costly repairs later both to the roof and potentially the interior or other parts of the structure as well. Roof Inspection A roof inspection should be done two to four times a year, depending on climate conditions and the age of the roof. An older roof in harsher climates requires the most attention to ensure it is in good shape. A visual inspection will help to expose small, easy-to-repair problems before they grow to be big, expensive problems. After an extreme weather event, such as a hail storm, examine the roof carefully for damage that can lead to leaks. A visual roof inspection can be done by the homeowner who is confident enough to know what to look for and careful enough to move safely around on the roof for a thorough inspection. Most find that hiring a professional roofing .pany is the superior choice since they are experienced at both and able to make any small repairs needed at the same time. What to Look For Dirt and debris on the roof should be removed or swept away since it will hold moisture that will increase the rate of deterioration. Also, debris should be removed from valleys and gutters to ensure proper water drainage away from shingles. Check the flashings, or metal strips that protect the seams, to make sure they are secured tightly and there is no damage. Loose shingles should be properly secured with cement, and any missing shingles replaced. Algae and mold can be very damaging and should be scraped away as much as possible, then controlled with the installation of zinc strips. Sealants and caulking should be inspected and repaired as needed to prevent leaks. There is no substitute for proper roof maintenance to protect your investment in your home and save in future costs for expensive repairs. A small investment of time or money to hire a professional, will pay off big returns in the future. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: