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IMT-CDL offers a wide spectrum of MBA education programmes. The curriculum is constantly updated to be in touch with the dynamic global and Indian environment In todays world of cut-throat .petition, where everyone craves for more and more knowledge, the Institute of Management Technologys (IMT) Centre for Distance Learning (CDL) is facilitating MBA Aspirants and working professionals who wish to increase their market worth by opting for MBA education programmes in distance education mode. IMT CDL is counted amongst the leading Distance MBA B-schools of the country. IMT-CDL was recently awarded as the best B-school in Correspondence learning for MBA by Dainik Bhaskar newspaper. In order to equip Correspondence MBA aspirants with all the relevant information on the programmes offered by IMT CDL, MBAUniverse.. brings to you the exclusive interview with Dr. Arun Mohan Sherry, Director, IMT CDL. Excerpts from the interview: Q: What makes IMT different from the other key market players when it .es to Correspondence MBA? A: The Institute of Management Technology (IMT), Ghaziabad is rated amongst the top 10 business schools in India. It is widely recognized as a centre of excellence in MBA education, having moulded itself according to the fast changing business and social environment over the last 29 years. The institution is strategically located in Ghaziabad, near Delhi, the national capital. IMT boasts of one of the best infrastructure in the country which is evident from its consistent high ranking on infrastructure parameter. Its strength lies in its eminent faculty and the quality of its courses that have in many cases, been trendsetters. The student fraternity is marked by a strong camaraderie and the total dedication with which the students involve themselves in the activities of the institute as cohesive group and which also hones their skills to excel in the fiercely .petitive world of contemporary business. The remarkable sense of .munity at IMT starts in classrooms, where synergy can be witnessed among the students and faculty members. IMT graduates, equipped with energy and drive, take this same team spirit and individual skill base to the work place, demonstrating a passion for excellence and a characteristic IMT brand of .mitment and go-getter attitude. Q: What are the Correspondence MBA are offered by IMT-CDL? A: IMT-CDL offers a wide spectrum of management and information technology programmes. The curriculum is constantly updated to be in touch with the dynamic global and Indian environment. Three-year Post-Graduate Programme in Management the flagship programme and two-year advanced Post-Graduate Diploma in Management offered by IMT-CDL through the distance mode is specially designed to equip the students with a .prehensive management education. Two-year advanced Post-Graduate Diploma in Management offers specialization in the areas of Finance, Marketing, Systems, Operations and Human Resource Management. For corporates and professionals, IMT-CDL offers one-year Post-Graduate Programme (Executive) and the two-year advanced Post-Graduate Programme in Management. IMT-CDL has corporate tie-ups with Airtel, IBM, Infosys, ONGC, Royal Bank of Scotland, Genpact etc. which makes our Correspondence MBA programs sounder. Q: It is a general notion that full-time or part-time MBA has more relevance as .pared to a Correspondence MBA degree attained through distance learning? How far does IMT-CDL agree with this view-point? A: IMT-CDL focuses on quality education. At IMT-CDL, it is believed that if adequate efforts and processes are established, the quality of education offered by Correspondence MBA institutions can be as good, even better than regular full time education. Q: What advantages does Correspondence MBA offer to the admission takers? A: IMT-CDL believes that it is offering Correspondence MBA programmes that are at par with the best programmes. We have taken several initiatives to continuously improve its programmes. We use a unique .bination of distance education, e-learning and personal contact programmes to create a hybrid learning environment to students. Using e-Learning platform, we offer our students access to a rich digital library with which they access top international journals, books, recorded classroom teaching material and a lot more in terms of a Correspondence MBA. IMT-CDL organizes personal contact programmes where classes are held at IMT campus and other locations to aid personal interaction. Its course curriculum and contents are updated every six months which keeps the contents fresh. Further, the institute takes its testing procedure and examinations very seriously. Its exams are held by UPSC which conducts exams for civil services also. This guarantees fairness of this process. IMT CDL is interested in delivering quality MBA education through Correspondence MBA programs and it does not .promise on its intake, course-curriculum, delivery process and examinations. Q: What is the application process followed for admission to Correspondence MBA courses? A: The admission to the various programmes of IMT-CDL is based on screening by the selection .mittee. Admission to Three year/Two year (PGPM / Advanced PGDM) Programmes is through admission test to be conducted at the information centres by IMT-CDL. Admission test is also prescribed for Executive Post Graduate Programme. For One Year Diploma Courses, admission is done without entrance test. The maximum duration for .pleting any course is the double number of years of normal duration. The following categories of persons are exempted from Admission Test, if they are graduates: — Senior Public Administrators with 3 years of experience. — Officers of Defence Services (serving personnel of Army, Air Force and Navy only) with 3 years of service. — Academicians with 3 years of teaching experience. — Technical or Legal Professionals/CA/ICWA/CS/MBBS/M-Tech with 3 years of experience. — Holder of One Year Diploma at IMT-CDL. Q: What is the fees of these programmes? A: The fees for the different programmes is: — Three-year Post-Graduate Programme in Management (Fee: Rs. 25,000 p.a) — Two-year Post-Graduate Diploma in Management (Fee: Rs. 40,000 p.a) — One-year Post-Graduate Diploma in Management (Executive) (Fee: Rs. 40,000 p.a) — Post-Graduate Diploma in Taxation (Fee: Rs. 25,000 p.a) — Post-Graduate Diploma in Cyber Security (Fee: Rs. 19,000 p.a) Stay tuned to MBAUniverse.. for more news from Correspondence MBA – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: