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Web-Design Online marketing brings great opportunities for small businesses in particular. Online marketing is a low cost solution that has proven to be more effective than offline marketing in several niches of businesses. It is also a proven fact that small businesses do better than their large competitors when it comes to online marketing. Well defined target markets and focused strategies with pre defined goals are the reason for their success. Building a brand identity is just as important for online marketing as it is for offline marketing campaigns. Most small businesses who fail to achieve their goals in online marketing are those who ignore the importance of design, brand recognition and trust building. Having a website is not enough for effective online marketing, small businesses need to focus on website design as well as brand building. Your website design should be focused around the most common design principles. User Friendly Website design Informative Content Richness Search Engine Friendly Website design Interactive Website design A Search Engine Friendly website design is a website that is designed to be compatible with search engines and easily explains to search engines what the content on that particular page is about. Most small businesses hire website design services, but they do not ask their website designer to make sure that the design is optimized for search engines. Later when they realize the importance of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in the field of online marketing then they hire someone for SEO. Now this new SEO consultant suggests changes to the original website design to make it more SEO friendly and this result into killing previous link backs, page ranks, and sites popularity index on Search Engines. So it is a smart choice to hire a website design service that provides you an SEO friendly website in the start so that you can build upon it and improve it further to meet your online marketing needs. Brand design is the second thing that we would like to discuss in this article. Logo design is the point where a proper brand building campaign begins. Even when businesses have their logos they do not realize that their logo designs may not be compatible with the web standards. There are many small business websites who have great logos that they use in their offline marketing and think that they can use them on the web too. But these logos look alienated on their website. Most probably because they dont match the website design or they are not properly scaled. The solution to this problem is to hire a design firm that not only does your SEO friendly website design but also helps you with the redesign or new logo design for your online presence. Remember your website is not the only place where you will be working towards building a brand identity. You would probably run a newsletter, or make a facebook fan page, or a twitter account and you can use your logo design everywhere. However, it is important that your logo design is specifically optimized for online usage. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: