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Software "Today web development project management is quickly be.ing a requirement for .panies, as most of the projects handled by the .panies are web based. To fulfil this requirement, web project management software is available now days. It helps in controlling project lifecycle and provides with an arsenal of tools that help your project run smoother, faster and easier. Web development project management software enables teams to collaborate on projects, coordinate activities, control information and monitor project progress with management tools. It also helps the .panies in accessing and updating project documents, budgets and timesheets from one key point. With it each project can have its own individual e-form, including customized fields, notifications, handlers, plug ins and SLAs, which can be used for reporting concerns, requesting resources, materials or as a general support portal for all involved in project. Right from initiation to planning, to execution and controlling, web development project management software helps you in every project management endeavour. With it each project can have central access area to Gantt chart of tasks, metadata, references, resources, documents, forums, permission management, preferences and a .prehensive e-form solution. Its Gantt chart tool enables team members to graphically summarize the project tasks and milestones and also helps in recording information like start date, finish date, task metadata and key dates, resources required, link to a parent task and percentage of .pleteness. Web development project management software offers notification feature, which alerts users of any recent change. The landing page of web development project management software is the project overview dashboard, which is an extremely useful information area for each user, from where they can with one click get to the project or task that they need. Web development project management software provides web-based access to .prehensive project management tools, helping users to collaborate on projects from wherever they are and it also helps .panies to tailor their project management tools to fit the precise needs of their business with easy-to-use administrative tools of web project management software. Easy configuration of metadata with it enables .panies to define information captured for each project, to suit their own business processes. Integration of web development project management with document manager application helps team members to collaborate on creation and development of project document with version control. The plethora of benefits offered by web development project management software makes it the most helpful tool available for businesses today. " About the Author: 相关的主题文章: