602016wpt Chinese match main event match started day1a go live|2016wpt Chinese match main event match started day1a go live8

2016WPT Chinese match main event match to go from WPT Day1A started to live China (Sanya) Poker Championship sina sports news in October 29th, 2016 Red Bull China (Sanya) Poker Championship main event today officially start, Iqiyi, LETV, Sohu, pepper is equal to open today 15:00 live, welcome to watch the annual athletics event of all poker! Broadcast address links are summarized as follows: Iqiyi sports broadcast address: LETV sports broadcast address: Address: Sohu cohesion sports broadcast live sports broadcast flag address: Address: https: www.zhanqi.tv 152592363 dragonballs broadcast address: TV broadcast address: Panda Betta live TV address: http: www.panda.tv 349170 TV live broadcast address: Tiger Octopus address: http: www.zhangyu.tv 777777 national broadcast address: http: www.quanmin.tv V 7987329 (mobile phone) pepper live address: 2016 China (Sanya) poker tournament, also known as the World Poker Tour (WPT National China China station, namely WPT, China race) by the Sanya Municipal Radio and Television Publishing Sports Bureau and the Beijing Lianzhong interactive network Co. Limited jointly sponsored by the world’s top competitive poker tournament. The tournament is scheduled for October 28, 2016 -11 month 3 days in the MGM Sanya resort held, 888 players will participate in the WPT Chinese at the main stage of the contest. In addition, this year coincides with the five anniversary of the WPT China match during the tournament, "WPT Chinese ad hoc tournament 5 anniversary tournament" (October 30th -11 2), the same period will also set up Red Bull "beauty and the beast tournament" (November 1st 15:00), "Hublot classic" (October 31st -11 2) the rich theme added match. 2016WPT during the Chinese race, will continue to bring wonderful live, please pay attention.