59The rest day Ding Liren Yu Yang Yi together visiting Baku to go out to face the opponent|The rest day Ding Liren Yu Yang Yi together visiting Baku to go out to face the opponent4

The rest day Ding Liren Yu Yang Yi together visiting the Baku and Ding Liren go out to face the opponent Yu Yangyi local time September 7th is Baku Aosai rest day, morning to rest after the adjustment, China male players Ding Liren puts forward to walk, then teammate Yu Yang Yi said, "I accompany brother". Two people decided to go shopping together in the ancient city of Baku. Unexpectedly, at the entrance to the ancient city, two people were found tomorrow Orsay rivals Argentina Team Team Uniform Shorts T-shirt dress travel. Yu Yang Yi laughed and said: what a coincidence. Tour of the ancient city of Baku, the ancient city will be the most famous attractions of the girls tower, because the tower is a world cultural heritage. Little Ding Xiaoyu came to the foot of the tower, saw a huge chess placed a piece of open ground, so this is one of the Olympic Organizing Committee Propaganda by Orsay chess activities, placed in front of the tower for the girl tourists who boarded the Maiden Tower before and after can move chess pieces. This move chess really attracted the attention and interest of adults and children, people have entered the board carrying the chess, Ding Liren and Yu Yang Yi also walked into the board, pick up the pieces to play for a while. Coincidentally, when they actually met the "acquaintance" – the fourth round of the opponent’s handsome boys in Italy. The two sides nodded. "Go out and actually met so many acquaintances, people are the two Olympiad" not only for fun and coincidence. Bought tickets, small Ding Xiao Yu two people began to have a tower, each layer of different views and content, two people slowly visit, curious to come up with a mobile phone camera, because the tower space is small, and the visitors, plus heat, so feel hot, but came out on top of the tower, a cool breeze blowing cool feeling, suddenly hit the two boys so happy, too comfortable, they (referring to teammates) is not lost". Standing on the top of the tower, the beautiful scenery of Baku at a glance, Caspian sea waves again and again, along the coast of modern buildings, including the location of the Olympic Stadium Crystal Palace are particularly eye-catching. Standing on the hillside above looks like two flames the flame hotel is the last Ding in the men’s world chess cup is located, and this year’s Olympic during the fide Congress and the fide subordinate committee meeting will be held in the hotel fire. Living in the old city of Baku to see the new city of Baku, two Chinese boys feel very interesting. Enjoy the scenery, breeze, two people walked down the steps, Ding count, "99 steps", he went to the bottom of the tower told Xiao yu. They want to walk back to the hotel, but do not know the specific route, then decided to go to a taxi, a taxi and asked the taxi driver, if the walk back about how far the driver told him was very close, about 20 minutes walk, and indicate the direction. Upon hearing this, the two Chinese young men can not help but some surprise: the taxi driver here at the expense of giving up a chance to tell you honestly close. He walked, said the move back to the hotel after the small Ding Xiao Yu hastened to share this with my teammates to go out to play the wonderful experience…… (Ge Huizhong Chen Jun)