Too warm! The Double Ninth Festival Pingdingshan 35 old man dressed to celebrate the wedding-小坂めぐる

Too warm! The Double Ninth Festival Pingdingshan 35 old man dressed to celebrate the golden – Yuanqi reporter Yang Wen Li Yingping map of Washington to each other, said of a couple. Yesterday is the Double Ninth Festival, Yi Fuyuan apartments for the elderly to invite some of the old man and the old man near the part of the apartment held together with golden celebration, a total of 35 people participate in the scene (pictured above), warm and touching. 10 am yesterday morning, accompanied by the "Wedding March" melody in the blessings of family and friends, 35 of the elderly to work through the petal strewn red carpet into the celebration ceremony. Some of the mobility of the elderly, the old companion in a wheelchair they get in, next to the audience as they have used the camera to freeze this moment. On the stage, four couples dressed in full dress, blow out the candles on the cake tower, raise glasses and drink wine. The 80 year old Liu Zhenjing and 76 year old Zhang Fuhua carrying a bouquet of flowers, accept her daughter’s blessing, the two face is full of happiness. Zhao Qing and Bi Lingzhi have been married for 60 years, and once again dressed in bright red dress, they are so excited that they are busy taking pictures of their loved ones around them. "Without the toil of our parents, we don’t have today. I want to say thank you to them!" The child’s representative Chen Linlin choked a few times when she spoke, and she told everyone about her mother’s long-term care for her sick father. Chen Linlin’s mother, Liu Meimei, was pulling his wheelchair companion, Chen Ziliang, with tears all over his hands. The audience warmly applauded the moving family. Liu Jianli, the head of the elderly apartment of Fu Fu Garden, said that a happy marriage is the panacea for the longevity of the elderly, and hope that all the children bless their parents’ marriage and love, so that they can feel the concern of family.

太温馨!重阳节平顶山35对老人盛装出席庆金婚□记者 杨元琪 文 李英平 图本报讯 相濡以沫,白头偕老。昨天是重阳节,溢福园老年公寓邀请附近部分老人与公寓内部分老人一起举行金婚庆典,共有35对老人参加,现场温馨感人(上图)。昨天上午10时许,伴随着《婚礼进行曲》的旋律,在亲朋好友的祝福下,35对老人携手走过撒满花瓣的红毯,步入庆典仪式现场。有几位老人行动不便,老伴儿用轮椅推着他们进场,旁边的观众纷纷用镜头为他们定格这美好瞬间。舞台上,四对夫妻身着盛装,共同吹灭蛋糕塔上的蜡烛,举杯同饮美酒。80岁的刘振京与76岁的张富华一起捧着花束,接受女儿的祝福,二老脸上满是幸福的表情。赵青、毕灵芝老人结婚快60年了,再次穿上鲜红的礼服,他俩很激动,忙着让身边的亲人拍照留念。“没有父母的辛劳,就没有我们的今天,我想对他们说声谢谢!”子女代表陈琳琳在发言时几度哽咽,她向大家讲述了母亲长期照顾患病父亲的故事,令人动容。陈琳琳的母亲刘美美在台下一手拉着轮椅上的老伴儿陈子良,一手捂着满是泪水的双眼。现场观众纷纷向这个感人的家庭报以热烈的掌声。溢福园老年公寓负责人刘建丽说,美满的婚姻是老人长寿的灵丹妙药,希望各位子女祝福父母的婚姻爱情,让他们感受到亲情的关怀。相关的主题文章: