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Dog owners to play with the dog was panda shopping cited onlookers (Figure) original title: dog owners to chow with the panda as dyeing shopping cited onlookers (Figure) in new network on 3 February, according to Central News Agency reported on 2, Singapore Orchard Road has 3 large shopping "Panda" street, picture upload network is discussed, the original owner 3 white dog was at first thought it was "Panda", but has aroused different views. Local media reported that in January 30th this year, the lively Orchard Road Street, there are people actually walking "panda Chow", triggered by the public, however, such a move about the poles, some people think that the "super Kawai", but there are also netizens think inhumane. The 3 dog named "peas" and "potatoes" and "corn", the dog owner will dye them like panda, many passers-by crowd and take photos. The report quoted the dog owner saying, on the body of the Chow stressed dye is safe dye, organic dye is a special dog, natural and very safe. Editor in chief: SN226

狗主人给松狮犬染色扮熊猫 带其逛街引围观(图)   原标题:狗主人给松狮犬染色假扮熊猫 带其逛街引围观(图)   中新网2月3日电 据“中央社”2日报道,新加坡乌节路最近有3只“大熊猫”逛大街,相关画面上传网络后引发讨论,原来是狗主人将3只白色松狮犬染色,乍看还以为是“熊猫”,但已引发各界不同看法。   当地媒体报道称,今年1月30日热闹的乌节路街头,竟出现有民众遛着“熊猫松狮犬”,引发路人围观,不过,这样的举动看法两极,有人认为超级“卡哇伊”,但也有网友认为有违人道。   这3只松狮犬分别叫做“豆豆”、“土豆”和“玉米”,狗主人将它们染成熊猫模样,不少路人围观并拍照。   报道引述遛狗主人说法,强调涂在松狮犬身上的染剂是属于安全染料,也是狗专用的有机染色剂,纯天然且非常安全。 责任编辑:苏未然 SN226相关的主题文章: