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Chinese will usher in the year of the monkey or the baby boomers milk diapers enterprises will benefit from the original title: monkey baby boomers in maternal and child products into Chinese imported mainly to buy the "ocean lunar new year, a lot of special purchases for the Spring Festival" Chinese believe that children born in this year to discuss the "smart self confidence and happy" good luck. At the same time, the adjustment of fertility policy, the full liberalization of the two child lunar calendar monkey year is expected to usher in a wave of birth peak. In the short term birth population will greatly increase the Chinese "in traditional culture, many people tend to have children in the auspicious year, such as the horse, the monkey, etc.. Especially in the north, Zodiac preference is stronger." Zhai Zhenwu, director of the school of social and demographic studies at Renmin University of China, said that some of the people who planned to give birth in the near future had postponed their birth to the year of the monkey in order to avoid the sheep year. In addition to the traditional ideas that affect the lives and decisions of many Chinese people, the adjustment of fertility policy also provides the soil for the baby boom in the year of monkey. In the fifth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, at the end of last year in Beijing, China decided to implement a policy that couples could have two children. Many Chinese couples’ desire to procreate has been gradually improved with the implementation of the two child policy. "At first we were hesitant, and then our friends began to have second children, and we started to be tempted." Shanghai, a 70 member of the financial industry, told reporters after his father. Credit Suisse last October predicted that changes in policy would mean more than 3 million to 6 million births per year. The State Planning Commission has said publicly that the comprehensive two child policy officially launched after the implementation of Chinese short term birth population will significantly increase the birth rate will rise to about 17 million people born around 2020. Monkey year delivery volume will increase substantially, in many Chinese three line cities have appeared maternity hospital, confinement center bed tight phenomenon. In Zhejiang, Jiaxing, one hundred kilometers away from Shanghai, many maternity hospitals remind pregnant women that the beds are strained in the first half of this year, and beds should be reserved as soon as possible. According to Chinese tradition, women need to recuperate for a month after childbirth, and have strict control over diet, temperature and so on, commonly known as confinement". "The best month of the center of Jiaxing charge $24 thousand a month, has recently been in short supply, to tuoshuren book, many Shanghai people came here confinement." Mr. Chen, a Jiaxing citizen who has just become a father, said. Specially hired to take care of mother and infant service staff called "Yuesao", a substantial increase in demand. Gold Yuesao service requires several months in advance reservation." Live in Hangzhou Xihu District Ms. Chen said, now the specialized training institutions more and more professional Yuesao, Yuesao rising wages, a monthly salary of ten thousand or twenty thousand yuan is sometimes not please. Not only that, but the demand for pediatricians and midwifery nurses is also increasing. The largest private obstetric hospital group in China is updating its delivery room in Beijing and Wuhan, increasing beds and recruiting more medical staff. The group predicts a significant increase in the number of deliveries in the year of the monkey. Market participants predict that higher birth rates will increase sales of baby products, including milk powder, diapers and skin care products, with a phase of 3

中国猴年或将迎来婴儿潮 奶粉尿布企业将受益   原标题:猴年迎来婴儿潮   进口母婴产品成中国人主要购买的“洋年货”   农历猴年,不少中国人都相信,在这一年出生的孩子能讨到“聪明机智自信快乐”的好彩头。同时,生育政策的调整,全面放开二孩的农历猴年有望迎来一波生育高峰。   短期内出生人口将大增   “在中国传统文化中,很多人倾向于在吉祥的年份生孩子,如龙年、马年、猴年等。特别是在北方,生肖的偏好更强烈。”中国人民大学社会与人口学院院长翟振武说,有些近期打算生育的人,为了避开羊年纷纷推迟到猴年生育。   除了影响到很多中国人生活和决定的传统思想外,生育政策的调整也为猴年迎来婴儿潮提供了土壤。去年年末在北京召开的十八届五中全会上,中国决定全面实施一对夫妇可生育两个孩子的政策。   不少中国夫妻生育的愿望随着全面放开二孩政策的实施在慢慢得到提升。“起初还在犹豫,后来周边的朋友开始生育第二个孩子,我们也开始动心了。”上海一位从事金融行业的70后父亲告诉记者。   瑞士信贷银行去年10月预计,政策的变动将意味着每年多出生300万到600万婴儿。国家卫计委也曾公开表示,全面二孩政策正式启动实施后,中国短期内出生人口将明显增加,生育水平会有所回升,到2020年左右约有1700万人出生。   猴年接生量会大幅增长   在中国不少三线城市都出现了妇产医院、月子中心床位紧张的现象。在距离上海一百公里的浙江嘉兴,很多妇产医院提醒孕妇,今年上半年床位紧张,需要尽快预订床位。   按照中国的传统,女性分娩之后需要休养一个月,对饮食气温等都有严格控制,俗称“坐月子”。“嘉兴最好的月子中心一个月收费2.4万,最近已供不应求,要托熟人预订才行,很多上海人都跑来这里‘坐月子’。”刚刚成为父亲的嘉兴市民陈先生说。   专门雇来照顾新生儿和母亲的服务人员被称为“月嫂”,需求也在大幅增长。“金牌月嫂的服务需要提前几个月预约。”家住杭州西湖区的陈女士说,如今专门培养月嫂的机构越来越多,专业月嫂的工资不断上涨,一两万元的月薪有时候还请不到。   不仅如此,对儿科医生和助产护士的需求也在增加。中国最大的一家私营产科医院集团正在更新其北京和武汉的产房,并增加床位、招聘更多医务人员。该集团预测,猴年的接生量会大幅增长。   有市场人士预测,更高的出生率或将令包括奶粉、尿布和护肤品在内的婴儿用品销售额大幅增加,相关企业会从“婴儿潮”中获益。阿里巴巴集团此前发布的《中国年货大数据报告》显示,今年母婴用品占中国人年货购买中的比重不断上升,奶粉等进口母婴产品成为中国人主要购买的三大“洋年货”之一。   据新华社 责任编辑:向昌明 SN123相关的主题文章: