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A British band members in Sweden sudden and mysterious died in a car accident – Sohu people.com.cn news news February 15th BBC reported that the accident occurred in the early morning of February 13th, Sweden, 5 British citizens were killed. Further news shows, the 5 were 4 members of the band Beach Kris, British Viola Leonard, River Reeves, Tomas Lowe and Jack Dakin, as well as their manager Craig Tarry. Swedish police said they received an alarm call at 2:30 a.m. local time and arrived at the scene 5 minutes later. Subsequently, divers recovered the bodies of the victims from the car crashed into the canal, aged between 20 and 35. The accident happened on a bridge in the Swedish capital Stockholm near a highway, then open to the bridge deck, the ship through the canal, falling victims in a car in the open slot. Police said that the bridge was not inclined to open while allowing vessels to pass, but that the middle part of the bridge rose directly. The police also said that when the bridge opened, there was a warning at the intersection, the traffic lights flashing, and the fence would be closed. Police said, in the case of other vehicles are waiting for, for some reason, the accident vehicle can go through the barrier, fell into the bridge gap. A witness said he was waiting for the deck down recovery, accident vehicle speed from his left side by scraping the front has a taxi, and then enter the fence, then disappeared. Viola Beach band attended a Swedish Music Festival, and the 13 day plan in the near southwest of London Surrey held a show. (old age) page (source: People’s Web – International Channel)

英国一乐队全体成员在瑞典突发离奇车祸身亡-搜狐新闻  人民网2月15日讯 据BBC报道,2月13日凌晨,在瑞典发生一起车祸,5名英国公民丧生。进一步的消息显示,这5人是英国Viola Beach乐队的4名成员,Kris Leonard, River Reeves, Tomas Lowe和Jack Dakin,以及他们的经纪人Craig Tarry。  瑞典警方表示,他们在当地时间凌晨2点30分接到报警电话,并在5分钟后赶到现场。随后,潜水员从汽车坠入的运河中打捞起了遇难者的尸体,他们的年龄在20岁到35岁之间。  事故发生在瑞典首都斯德哥尔摩附近一条公路的一座桥梁上,当时桥面张开,以便让桥下运河中的船只通过,遇难者乘坐的汽车坠入了这个张开的缝隙。警方说,这座桥梁在允许船只通过时并不是倾斜张开,而是中部一段直接上升。  警方还说,桥梁张开时,路口会有警示交通灯闪烁,隔离栏杆会关闭。警方表示,在其他车辆正在等待的情况下,不知什么原因出事车辆能够冲过隔离栏杆,掉进桥面缝隙。  一位目击者说,他当时正在等待桥面下降恢复,出事车辆高速从他的左侧通过,刮曾了前面的一辆出租车,然后进入隔离栏杆,然后消失。  Viola Beach乐队刚刚参加了瑞典的一个音乐节活动,并且计划13日在伦敦西南不远的萨里郡举行一次演出。(老任)page (来源:人民网-国际频道)相关的主题文章: