Pregnant women diagnosed with gynecological diseases in Wuxi Hospital Department of Putian by the en-dnf商人吧

Women’s pregnancy was diagnosed as gynecological disease, Wuxi Putian department hospital was the end of Modern Express News (reporter Zhu Jingrun) in September this year, more than 30 year old Ms. Zhou because of lower abdominal pain, go to Wuxi city hospital to see a doctor. In the process of waiting for the visit, Ms. Zhou met two "patients", the two enthusiastic "patients" said in Wuxi Hua Zhuang area has a Wuxi love clinic, there are not only experts from the big city, but also the treatment of gynecological Difficult miscellaneous diseases with a hand. Ms. Zhou, who was eager to see a doctor, listened to the words of two people, followed by the Wuxi Saint love clinic, which was a Putian Department hospital. Modern Express reporter learned that the medical staff here only one person qualified, the test reports are followed by the computer template to come. Recently, 13 and Wuxi love Yituo clinic called medical personnel suspected of fraud, the police are all. Ms. Zhou entered the Wuxi love clinic in Yituo’s introduction, the results here "doctors" diagnosis of serious gynecological diseases, not only need to take medicine and surgery, Ms. Zhou and spent 8000 yuan, did not improve symptoms. So, when she returned to a regular hospital, she found her problem was not so serious. Ms. Zhou just react is cheated, then the alarm to the Public Security Bureau of Wuxi city Nanchang Branch Golden station. The police investigation found that the victim was not more than Ms. zhou. "The victims said that during the operation, the equipment in the operation room of Wuxi Saint love outpatient department had once smoked, which frightened the patients very much." Police officers introduced this outpatient department was founded in 2006, is located in Wuxi Park Road No. 2. This year has been changed several bosses, are Fujian Putian people. Some bosses come to make money, and then they go." What’s even more surprising is that only one person in the outpatient department is qualified, and the rest of the so-called health care workers have only studied nursing. What is the steady flow of business in the hospital? It is understood that the hospital behind a Yituo team, these Yituo according to the arrangement, two people or three people to form a group, pretending to be ill to the hospital for special people echoed each other. Lie over the patient, the hospital to give Yituo 45% commission. And the hospital to help patients do the inspection is not reliable, "they have several sets of computer inspection list template, the patient’s inspection report is the template." Police investigators, the hospital using a fictitious laboratory, exaggerating the patient’s condition, allowing the victim to spend high medical costs fraud. November 1st morning, Wuxi police arrest group, soldier points a few road winning Yituo Xiamou, celebrate a 13 people, and seized the hospital, captured the legal representative of Lu Moumou and the medical staff of 13 people. People regret is that a 28 year old woman in Wuxi found love in outpatient department was closed down, before going to the police station. Not long ago, she was diagnosed as a serious gynecological disease in this hospital, not only issued anti-inflammatory drugs, the doctor here also recommended surgery. When the lady went to the regular hospital for review, only to discover that she was pregnant. Up to now, there have been hundreds of victims, the most cheated to go to the medical expenses of up to 10000 yuan. The police reminded citizens not to trust other people’s exaggerated words for their own health.

女子怀孕被诊断成妇科病 无锡一莆田系医院被端现代快报讯(记者朱鲸润)今年9月份,30多岁的周女士因为小腹疼痛,前往无锡市里的大医院看病。在等待就诊的过程中,周女士遇到两名“病患”,这两名热心的“病友”称,在无锡华庄地区有一家无锡圣爱门诊部,那里不仅有大城市来的专家,而且治疗妇科方面的疑难杂症有一手。急于看病的周女士听信二人之言,就跟着去了无锡圣爱门诊部,这是一家莆田系医院。现代快报记者了解到,这里的医护人员只有一人有资质,开出的化验报告都是跟着电脑里的模版来的。日前,13名医托和无锡圣爱门诊部所谓的医护人员涉嫌诈骗,被无锡警方一锅端。周女士在医托的介绍下走进无锡圣爱门诊部,结果这里的“医生”诊断其有严重的妇科病,不仅需要吃药还要动手术,周女士前前后后花了8000多元,症状并无好转。于是,她再回到正规大医院就诊时,才发现自己的问题其实并没有那么严重。周女士这才反应过来是被骗了,随即向无锡市公安局南长分局金匮派出所报警。警方调查发现,受害人并不止周女士一人。“有受害者表示,手术期间,无锡圣爱门诊部手术室里的设备还曾经冒烟,将病人吓得不轻。”办案民警介绍,这家门诊部成立于2006年,位于无锡公园路2号。今年以来已经换了几次老板,都是福建莆田人。“有些老板就是来赚到钱了,然后就走了。”更让人吃惊的是,门诊部里只有一名人员有资质,其他所谓的医护人员有些只学过护理学。那医院源源不断的生意靠什么呢?据了解,医院背后有一支医托队伍,这些医托根据安排,两人或三人组成一组,假装成病患一唱一和,专门去大医院拉人。骗过来的病人,医院给予医托45%的提成。而医院帮病人做的检查都是不靠谱的,“他们电脑里有几套检查单子的模版,给病人的检查报告都是模版。”办案民警介绍,医院采用虚构化验单、夸大患者病情的方法让被害人花费高额医疗费用实施诈骗。11月1日凌晨,无锡警方组成抓捕行动组,兵分几路一举拿下医托夏某、贺某等13人,并查封医院,抓获法人代表陆某某及所谓的医护人员共13人。让人唏嘘的是,一名28岁的女子在发现无锡圣爱门诊部被查封后,才前往派出所报警。前不久,她在这家医院被诊断为严重的妇科疾病,不仅开具了消炎药,这里的医生还建议手术。当这名女士前往正规医院复查时,才发现自己是怀孕了。截至目前,已经有上百名受害人,最多的被骗去了上万元的医疗费。警方提醒市民,不要轻信旁人的夸大之词,为了自己的健康着想,就医还是要选择正规医院。相关的主题文章: