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Women’s favorite Valentine’s Day – Sohu BNT news to February, in addition to the Spring Festival holiday, there are some women looking forward to a long day, that day is Valentine’s day. In the past, Valentine’s Day was just a special day for each other’s chocolates. Today, women can also use this day to identify their boyfriends’ love for themselves. If you suddenly to himself, then can borrow a Valentine’s day for Anna’s girlfriend prepared a small gift? It doesn’t matter if you don’t have expensive gifts. It’s important to know how to choose a gift that you like. The following Xiaobian recommend especially for your girlfriend’s three beauty products. BEST 1. beauty cleansing instrument, first of all, choose gifts to let yourself and each other have no burden. Usually, many boys don’t want to give some cheap gifts, but they don’t have the financial strength to send expensive gifts to each other. So, how about sending a beautiful facial cleanser for girls as Valentine’s Day gifts? Coleri (CLARISONIC) Mia2 acoustic transparency system patented technology with 300 times per second swing micro massage oscillation, mild and efficient fluid power show 6 times more than the traditional hand washing cleaning effect. Women want to be more beautiful in front of their boyfriends. If you can think of the other person’s will and give a suitable gift, it will be better. BEST 2. boys are usually not found lipstick to the girl some changes in the body, so when a woman asks you, you always don’t know what to say, the answer may be the details of lip color change. If you still feel guilty about your careless, you might as well send a lipstick to express your apology. Dior (Dior) ROUGE DIOR is a docile force and tinting excellent lip products. When choosing colors, choose "N° 999 ‘to improve femininity and sexy charm.". Beautiful and seductive red can deduce mature women’s taste. BEST 3. inner beauty products cold winter, in order to rough skin due to dull and sad girlfriend, most of the boys will send a replenishment cream. But there are more effective products than the coated ones. If you prepare a particularly novel oral cosmetics, then women may be full of praise! (strain) new way I love Latin American Li Pando (NEWTREE PANDORA BEAUTY TIME Cola light EverCollagen TIME) contains low molecular weight collagen peptide composition for skin, supply moisture and nutrition. As long as the daily intake of a package, both convenient and effective, as a beauty products, high popularity. Jin Runjing Jin Meiwen Niu Li Road (Shanghai) trading company, CLARISONIC collet Li, Dior Dior, BNT DB www.pandorabeauty.me BNT news news submission e-mail news@bntnews

女人喜欢的情人节礼物大全-搜狐      bnt新闻讯 到了2月除了春节长假还有些让女人期待已久的日子,那天就是情人节。在过去,情人节单单只是送给对方巧克力的特别的日子。而如今,女性还可以借着这一天来确认男朋友对自己的爱意。   如果平时忽于表现自己的内心,那么可以借着情人节来为心怡的女友准备一件小小的礼物如何? 即使不是昂贵的礼物也毫无关系,重要的是要懂得选择一款让对方喜欢的礼物。下面小编就特别为大家推荐适合送给女友的三件美容产品。   BEST 1. 美容洁面仪      首先,选择礼物时要让自己和对方都没有任何负担才可以。通常很多男生都不愿送一些太过廉价的礼物,但又没有经济实力去送对方昂贵的礼物。那么不妨送一款女孩儿们都喜欢的美容洁面仪作为情人节礼物如何?   科莱丽(CLARISONIC) Mia2 声波净颜系统专利技术以每秒300次的摇摆性微按摩振荡温和高效的流体动力展现出6倍于传统手洗清洁功效。女人都想在男友面前看似更加美丽,如果这时你能想到对方的这份心意,送一款合适的礼物,那将再好不过。   BEST 2. 唇膏      男生通常都发觉不到女孩身上的一些变化,所以当女人问你时,你总是不知该说些什么,答案有可能是唇色等细节上的变化。如果你还为你的不细心感到愧疚,不妨送一款口红来表示你的歉意。   迪奥(Dior) ROUGE DIOR是服帖力和着色力较优秀的唇妆产品。选择颜色时建议挑选提升女人味儿和性感魅力的‘N°999’。靓丽蛊惑的红色能够演绎成熟女人味儿。   BEST 3. 内在美容产品      寒冷的冬季,为了因皮肤粗糙暗淡而伤心的女友,大部分男生会送一款补水面霜。但是还有比涂抹式产品更有效的产品。如果准备一款较为特别新颖的口服化妆品,那么女人可能会赞不绝口哦!   (株)纽途丽潘多拉美爱我可乐亮TIME(NEWTREE PANDORA BEAUTY EverCollagen TIME )中含有低分子胶原蛋白肽成分,为皮肤深层供给水分及营养。只要每天早上摄取一包,既方便又有效,作为美容产品人气极高。金润靖 金媚 文 纽途丽(上海)商贸有限公司,CLARISONIC 科莱丽,Dior 迪奥,bnt新闻DB www.pandorabeauty.me   bnt新闻 投稿邮箱 news@bntnews相关的主题文章: