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Anhui netizen complaints owners by the public channel   official rectification — Anhui channel — original title: Anhui netizen complaints by the public official channel owners rectification October 14 Beijing Xinhua (Zhang Zheng) recently, a netizen posted in Anhui, reflecting the Huaibei local owners of illegal occupation of public access to the existing problems. Owners of illegal occupation of public access, embezzlement of public space, blocking the fire escape. Significant fire hazard." In this regard, the CPC Huaibei Municipal Committee Office reply said that after investigation, the situation is indeed reflected in Internet users. Huaibei city fire brigade of Huaibei new Zhongyuan Real Estate Co. Ltd. made the punishment, and issued a "book" the decision on administrative punishment, according to law, a fine of five thousand yuan; at the same time interviewed relevant responsible person, require serious supervision and rectification, immediately restored public domain without Quanzhan, to ensure public safety. [Internet message] respected Secretary: hello! I am Anhui Huaibei Oriental City Plaza, block B, room 2204, the owner of the property by the new Huaibei Zhongyuan Real Estate Development Co., ltd.. By the end of 2015, developers in the project without the approval of relevant departments irregularities to the owners of others, room 2205 owners of illegal occupation of public channel, occupy public space, blocking the fire escape, fire rescue shelter space squeeze, fire facilities. This gave me the inconvenience, but also a major fire safety risks. I found many times to reflect the requirements of developers, to deal with illegal construction according to law, restored. Although developers ignore, for no reason to shirk, no treatment. Secretary Li urged to help solve. Answer: friends, hello! To see your message after the provincial Party Secretary Li Jinbin, municipal supervision office timely entrusted supervision, Urban Planning Bureau, the city fire brigade were handled. The reply is as follows: the city fire brigade staff to check, discover the East City Plaza B block 1 unit movements households, in order to expand their room area, does exist in the two public areas to make a wall behavior. Although not affect, not public plugging evacuation routes, but in the wall, a public part of fire detectors, sprinkler to occupy the room of their own, affect the normal use of public area fire alarm, spray. In this regard, the city fire brigade issued "fire supervision and inspection record" (2016 – 0194), ordered to immediately correct the "notice" (i.e. word Huai public consumption 2016 Article No. 0028), Huaibei new Zhongyuan Real Estate Co. Ltd. made the punishment, and issued "administrative penalty decision" (Gong Huai (disambiguation) for the 2016 penalty never word no. 0012), according to its fine 5000. At the same time interviewed Huaibei City Zhongyuan Real Estate Co. Ltd. responsible person, require careful supervision and rectification, to occupy the public area without immediate recovery, strengthen supervision, to ensure public safety. The Urban Planning Bureau to Huaibei new Zhongyuan Real Estate Co. Ltd. issued "on the" City Plaza two "block B residential building illegal construction behavior rectification notice", requiring the construction unit according to the planning of construction is not restored, according to planning requirements of illegal construction, planning will not be completed acceptance, and on the basis of ")相关的主题文章: