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Big problem! Liu Guoliang "son" who are you who? [Abstract] before Liu Guoliang and his disciples, participate in the program, ridicule the "landlord" and "landlord silly son", was to become a network of hot search, today in the world table tennis men’s doubles final, many fans of the male god brother sister (who) joint interpretation of life, so the question is, who do you support? There is no solution to the problem! Zhang Jike Sheenah cited the soulful singing accompaniment of Tibetan mastiff sports in September 18th remember Tencent shy of the Rio Olympics Chinese table tennis team defending champion, guest at the CCTV "Fengyun" scenes of joy? On the landlord’s silly son, blind date stems, that is, from there spread. At that time, Liu Guoliang, general manager of the coach led by Malone,, and three Olympic Games to participate in the main program, was ridicule as the landlord of the landlord, and the face of the three Olympic Games, one of the main face of the cold, was ridicule as the landlord’s silly son of the home of the world, and the main force of the Olympic Games, as well as the main force of the Olympic Games, as well as the main force of the Olympic Games, as well as the main force of the Olympic Games, the main force of the Olympic Games in". Tonight China open men’s doubles final, three "landlord silly son", there is a minimum at that time did not show Fan Zhendong, four won men’s Doubles Championship, Liu Guoliang of the landlord, "has four good son" very cattle, they play together, many fans will support the brother sister who? Tonight the men’s doubles final, Fan Zhendong Xu Xin lost 2-3 to Malone Zhang Jike, Malone Zhang Jike won the men’s doubles title in the field of female fans cheering in the mountains and seas are whistling. Liu Guoliang did not come to Chengdu duzhan, if he had the game in the field, according to China team practice as the coach is not for the "civil war" on the field of China players do on-site guidance. However, the big landlord, the innermost feelings of the most hope for "son" refueling applause? The palm of the hand is meat! This year, the Rio Olympic Games, Fan Zhendong won the player identity andwent to watch rio. The 19 year old Fan Zhendong is the greatest force in China men’s team at present, he would not have been hiding in the big brother Zhang Jike, Captain Malone. Tonight in the men’s singles final, Fan Zhendong was extremely brutal beating Shinco Olympic Games men’s singles champion Malone 4-0, is to replace Malone core potential. Prior to this, Liu Guoliang and Kong Linghui with his disciples to participate in the program’s motion picture became the three "landlord’s silly son", tonight’s limelight was smaller "son" beyond the Fan Zhendong. The China open, can be said to be one of the most popular games in recent years, the ball, to match to love many sister Zhang Jike and Malone. Zhang Jike yesterday in the 4-3 victory over Hongkong, China, after the interview, in an interview, said: "I feel the proportion of male reporters on the scene is much greater than the fans of the. I had heard all the girls heart cheering, this male reporter should be able to more than 30% in the game, basically can not hear the voice of male fans can hope for more women refueling." How much fire is Zhang Jike? Even if there is no Zhang Jike, he once appeared in the public arena around, will immediately cause the audience screaming and sensation. Last month, the Rio Olympic Games, Zhang Jike became a hot search for more than 400 million of the most popular network reds, and captain Malone popularity is also very good. In fact, if in the eyes of the fans from the popular view, in addition to Zhang Jike, Malone, Zhou Yu, Fang Bo will belong to the other women, Ding Ning)相关的主题文章: