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Rocket boss: and Harden more than any other player in team history Harden Alexander and sina sports news Beijing time on September 27th, the Houston Rockets owner Leslie Alexander recently accepted an interview with reporters Kelvin Watkins rocket. Alexander is looking forward to the start of the new season, any other player he also revealed his relationship with James harden over the Rockets in history. The following is an interview with Alexander: Watkins: some Rockets players have said that this year the atmosphere is obviously different rockets. Do you feel it? Alexander: 100% feel. They seem to be more happy, especially James (harden) looks more happy. I think they’re united this year. They try to win, and we introduce some new signings, such as: Nene, Ryan and Eric, they are eager to win. Watkins: How did you decide to make a big change after last season? Alexander: I want the team to play a different style. I think we lacked a lot of focus on the defensive side last season, and I think we brought in a good defensive coach this summer (Geoff – Buzz Derek) and we have some great players. Last year, a major weakness is we can’t shoot, this year we introduced two pitchers, great changes have taken place in the team. Watkins: Why did you have a good relationship with Harden? Is it from the beginning, or do you want it? Alexander: from the start. Watkins: you have a very good relationship with Hakim (Olajuwon), and with the other players in the history of the Houston Rockets (the Rockets), as well as in the Rockets (in the case of Clyde) (Drexler). Compared to your relationship with Harden? Alexander: dream not often come here, but I and his relationship is very close, we will often meet. I have a close relationship with Clyde, who has been to my home in Hampton. I have a good relationship with Tracey (Mcgrady). But to some extent, I and James (harden) relationship than any other rockets (when they are better in the team). Watkins: why? Alexander: that’s how it happened. In addition, when I see (harden) when he was younger. When I see (Olajuwon, Drexler and Tracy McGrady) when they are more older. My relationship with them was only later. Watkins: do you think the new season is more interesting than ever? Alexander: it’s going to be a lot of fun this year because of the coach (Anthony), his coaching style and the players we have. (Rosen)相关的主题文章: