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Yu very extraordinary? Choose SCAs Jaguar XFL drive from the pure and noble temperament of British descent, elegant lines of burning passion surging power, intelligent power technology extraordinary driving experience. On October 2016 15-16 in Shenzhen SCAs Merlin the new Jaguar XFL drive headquarters will open. The guests will see a new driving style commercial sports car this highly anticipated, should enjoy the extraordinary. During the test drive, where to shop test drive the new Jaguar XFL customers will receive a set of smart tableware, the British aesthetic concept into the life, enjoy the experience of the Jaguar XFL brings us superior ride. Just one, the new Jaguar XFL highly dynamic jump and strength of beautiful elegant lines, can let you go. As the elegant gentleman of beauty always have the perfect obsession with process design of the Jaguar XFL topped the demanding and rigorous craftsmanship, to create models at the same level of the most attractive extraordinary car. The sleek coupe contour, slender hood raised smooth lines, respected chrome, extending backward from the headlights at the top of the unique design, the details of all people at first sight! Compared to the new Jaguar XFL Jaguar XF, wheelbase 140 mm, the rear legroom is increased by 157 mm, knee space increased to 116 mm, you will experience more generous calm elegant space. The back is also equipped with the business table board, seat heating, Meridian surround sound system and other advanced technology, bring professional and convenient mobile office space and comfortable and pleasant leisure time.     when in Yan, the Jaguar XFL exquisite beyond compare driving performance will let you in the talent. After the power system optimization with extraordinary response speed, 200 horsepower and 240 horsepower 2 liter turbocharged four cylinder gasoline engine and 3 liter V6  340 horsepower supercharged gasoline engine, rear wheel drive system and ZF8 speed automatic transmission, and the whole traffic adaptive control system, allowing you to enjoy fully and delightfully driving experience. The drive link, you will also be able to fully experience the advanced intelligent technology. Air purification technology was first applied to the Jaguar models on the nanoe car rear door warning system is introduced for the first time the Jaguar family, the world’s leading InControl  technology, science and technology will increase; interest for your driving. As a respected business sports car Chinese business elite to create and perfect design, the Jaguar XFL intelligent technology, superb technology will bring about a carefree driving experience for you and more comfortable riding feeling of reverence. Live more beautiful afternoon tea to share with you the ultimate charm.   Shenzhen SCAs Jaguar Land Rover Merlin headquarters phone: 0755-33338686 (Jaguar), 33338683 (Land Rover) address: Shenzhen, Futian District, North Ring Road South China Building相关的主题文章: