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The number of public brush farce "rinse"? Original title: –IT– public brush farce "rinse"? Xinhua News Agency reporters Zhou Lin and Ye Jian text reading volume of 15 yuan a thousand times, forwarded to share a hundred times the amount of $40, there are active WeChat powder of 500 yuan…… Such as the spread of the virus, such as the bubble amount of reading, is constantly eroding the integrity of the Internet ecosystem. Since the media industry increasingly inflated advertising offer, spawned a huge "xupang" enterprise valuation. Over the past few years, some of the WeChat public brush amount tool failure, began to poke a lot of 100 thousand + large foam. However, the latest survey found that the amount of brush between the gray industry chain and the platform of the cat and mouse bucket, still through the generation of human brush and other variants upgrade. The amount of brush farce "rinse" what? The amount of brush tool paralysis "100 thousand + public number has shrunk dramatically at the end of September, with the WeChat system upgrade, many of the original amount of reading easily reached" reading public No. 100 thousand + "graphic push has shrunk sharply, some even only one tenth of the usual. With the growth of the platform, the number of points like brush, reading has become a mature gray industrial chain. The swelling data of hundreds of millions of dollars or even billions of dollars of valuation, one hand allows the reader to distinguish between true and false, on the other hand also makes the capital to pay inflated bubble. According to a new list of the founder Xu introduction, if in September 28th released the same day the contents of the data as a benchmark, then less than 10% of the large amount of reading fell more than 50%, the amount of reading 124 fell 80%. "Single day reading number change is a normal fluctuation, more than 50% will have some amount of brush suspicion, when the tide to know who is swimming naked." However, the fight between WeChat and the amount of brush is far from over, the amount of brush continues to demand. Although the WeChat + reading volume as the key word has not been able to search, but replaced by the WeChat + amount search, still can find 15 pages of businesses on Taobao, ranging from $1 to dozens of dollars. The Taobao shop introduced himself: "our main vote brush ticket business, intranet and the extranet hand vote, attention powder, manual scan code, detail shop customer service." The amount of its WeChat brush has a detailed set of charges: attention 6 hair one; the 1000 reading of $80, does not guarantee the speed, not completed in accordance with the number of settlement has been done." "It is no exaggeration to say that business accounts and public relations companies to read the account number ‘100 thousand +’, there are a lot of brush the amount of suspicion." Beijing fast man technology founder Sun Wei said, there are two kinds of brushes: by the way of artificial point praise and forwarding each brush, or the use of software or on behalf of the brush robot. Brush amount of software is a single brush platform internal control, very few external sales. In some live platform, brush powder can reach up to 90%. Hike, real battle, tool to upgrade the survey found that many WeChat public number in the promotion, in order to quickly upgrade the attention number, the amount of reading, to help fans buy "method has become commonplace, it even bred to brush the volume of the main business is playing with the Internet business)相关的主题文章: