Another marathon brilliant lead manufacturing China Geely-carmex润唇膏

Another marathon brilliant lead manufacturing China Geely recently, Geely DEDECATES sponsored by the 2016 Ningbo International Marathon finisher. In the "beauty Chinese car" Geely Borui under the guidance of 15 countries and regions around the world about more than 10000 runners, opened a health campaign trip to open up a fresh outlook. As the leading car competition, not only become the focus of brilliant activities in the field of concern, the lead Chinese manufacturing leadership and beyond the product strength, there was also a healthy, green and environmental protection are the new trend of life. The movement of genes inherent to create brilliant dynamic life it is understood that the marathon attracted including the "iron hammer" Lang Ping, Rio Olympic weightlifting champion Shi Zhiyong and other sports stars to join up, tens of thousands of participants with brilliant steps from the China port Museum starting way of Ningbo port, 000 beach, Meishan wetland, Meishan island and other beautiful attractions, across the mountains and sea, lake, bay, island wetland, a variety of terrain, hey turn the audience, and the beautiful Ningbo landscape and cultural customs form a vibrant people fitness picture. As a leader in the B class car, "the new generation of advanced dynamic drive" brilliant with excellent sports born gene and cutting-edge technology, to create a high-quality automotive life for consumers. The Coupe type appearance with great tension and muscle sense, the car did not move, ready to jump buzz has been blowing, run up like a more agile cheetah, sports car industry is fully deserve; 1.8T GDI turbocharged direct injection engine and 3.5L V6 energy efficient engine two surging "heart." with the 6 speed manual gearbox perfect matching, power driver free control the pace of progress; to body, LDW active yaw alarm system, ESP electronic stability system and a full range of security protection system for submarine suction cage type high strength, always make sure that the occupants to maintain the correct direction in the struggle on the road…… Every detail of the whole car full of brilliant impeccable athleticism and skill, with urban elite a path through the courage, enjoying a comfortable and healthy life, take it leisurely and unoppressively. Sport Spirit lead China manufacturing in addition to sports gene brilliant powerful, development and brilliant life attitude of the target population is highly compatible with the spirit of the marathon, marathon and other fitness activities forged indissoluble bound. The key period of brilliant Chinese was born in manufacturing to explore, in the challenge of transcendence and breakthrough, brilliant "affordable movement, the owners also adhere to the self, not afraid of suffering, the courage to challenge the prospectors, whether it is brilliant inspirational road or target population’s attitude to life, and the" self challenge, beyond the limit never give up, firm and indomitable spirit of the marathon Hindley, Geely also brilliant and sports events have forged a deep love. Back in time to December 2014, brilliant hand national swimming team become the designated car; 2015, Geely Automobile to the guidance of the State Sports Administrative Center and other institutions to host the 2015 marathon Chinese open, car prices become forerunner of Marathon sport sponsorship. Then another marathon is brilliant, in 2016 to become the China marathon.相关的主题文章: