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Do not go to Japan drugstore? Make fun of! Tian Xiaomiao subscription number: txm808 compared to the small series of 2 years ago went to the neon, and now the neon in the reception of the ability of large Chinese tourists have risen a new level! Almost every drugstore is equipped with the Chinese guide, Chinese hot products are introduced, there will be the establishment of brand LED screen with Chinese to explain how good the product, the most important thing is that each drugstore will directly pull the banner: tax! This small series of research in the mood to drugstore carefully drop shopping for a time, and some experience to you about this. First of all, the neon in girls for the needs of pores and promote a lot, not only clean the pores of the skin care products or cover the pores in the drug store makeup products, the proportion is relatively large. If you have a problem with the pores of the mushroom cool, you can refer to the neon pore products, including cleansing powder, make-up water, etc.. Of course, these are palliatives, but also can have good living habits of good products, including avoiding greasy and so on, pay attention to the sun. Next, Xiao Bian found brain hole wide open neon country people also have the habit of accurate is the upgrading of products, although there are a variety of new products listed, but still can see a lot of classic old products, some changed packaging, some are small cannot read the upgrade, in short, is to make you buy buy buy! With Eric Battie about the drug store, the most well-known is the country’s biggest neon Matsumoto clear, logo is like this, a very good identification right! This small series only visit a Matsumoto Kiyo, is a small place Matsumoto Kiyo is not too much, on the other hand, small shopping Matsumoto Kiyo not what fresh goods, too many people, who want to quietly go cosmeceutical people, this place is really don’t want to stay…… This small shopping more frequently this is a Japanese, this is and studies in lumira group but no fries, look at the picture, easy to see. In fact, there are a lot of big and small neon in the drug store, a few steps, different drug stores will also because of competition between the price war, if there is a great demand for cosmetic flowers can be several more contrast, there are a lot of suit is quite cost-effective, such as small fever stockings in a drugstore buy discount season the most thick (his face). So before departure or choose what needs a large number of procurement, to understand the price range in the number, which is to try to buy, as fast as quick, so it is wise to prodigal female. Jin Naying opens the leisurely stroll trendsetter also has the fashion model for routine OK, verbose finished, small to share the store experience! Fun Hello Kitty red paper, in fact, it is the paper film, because many girls will have a dry skin of the cheek, this is used to apply to the local, such as the location of the cheeks. To tell the truth, if it is not busy every day to make a small series of overtime every day will certainly be soaked in wet film. The next is a wide range of contact lenses, neon beauty of the United States can also be regarded as a global reputation. Most of their pupils are very clear in color, such as blue, gray, really is to make the pupil into these colors! Buy time to.相关的主题文章: