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Small Han first pick Brazil station champion Ross: second have been satisfied with the spray champagne! Hamilton won again to celebrate the "liberties". (this has nothing to do with the original video content, for further reading) Tencent in November 14th sports today for the 2016 season F1 Brazil Grand Prix race team, Mercedes Hamilton won the championship in the rain, teammate Rosberg won the runner up. The two drivers are still 12 points, the championship suspense is saved to a season ending points – Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Rosberg will only need a third will be able to secure the title. Hamilton this weekend has been shown to be very strong, practice two times and scored the fastest lap in qualifying, three games are on top, today the race though influenced by rain weather, accident + red flag, but Hamilton has been firmly dominated the leading position, successfully won the championship, this is he three consecutive races to win the championship, retained the hope. This is the first time Hamilton won the Brazil Grand Prix, although already three times before he was crowned the title, but in his idol Senna’s home court, Hamilton never reached this experience, he finally got his wish, which also made him feel very happy: "I desire to win in the Brazil Grand Prix. But for so many years is always here and we lost, this year’s competition condition is very complex, the desire to achieve can feel great in this year." Although today’s game accidents, but Hamilton has said that this is an easy victory: "this game for me is really very easy, maybe even a season the most easy, I don’t have any trouble, everything is going well. I remember the 2008 British Grand Prix Saikebi today is much more difficult, although today’s climate is very bad, the track is slippery, but this may be a game of my 10 years of the most relaxed." Rosberg in the game in the second place, in fact, in the game he had been Vista Pam’s "raw" experience, if not Red Bull team tyre strategy there are some problems in the last moment, Rosberg is unlikely to obtain runner up results. After the game, he was satisfied with the results: today, I did not like the game as expected to bring back a victory, but taking into account the conditions of the game is really tough, I can certainly accept the second. Lewis (Hamilton) did a good job, I had some trouble in the game, but fortunately I can still stay on the track and finish the race." Rosberg also believes that the match should actually be terminated earlier today: "the track conditions are really bad, we saw so many crashes, from a security point of view, I think the game should end sooner." At present, there are still 12 points ahead of Hamilton Rosberg’s advantage in the standings, which means you need to get only the first third will be able to ensure that the total champion he stood Abu Dhabi Grand Prix in the season ending race, for this season he has been fairly stable, this should not be a very difficult task. (Li Tianyou)相关的主题文章: