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Huang Runqiu in the Chinese Institute of Environmental Sciences stressed   academic annual meeting; provide strong support of science and technology, environmental protection, Chinese environmental news reporter Liu Yu reported in Haikou in October 13th 2016 academic annual meeting of China Institute of Environmental Sciences was held in Haikou today to improve the quality of the environment. Huang Runqiu, Vice Minister of the Ministry of environmental protection attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Huang Runqiu stressed that the "13th Five-Year" period, environmental science and technology work must firmly grasp the "supporting environment quality improvement" this method to promote environmental protection science and technology system reform, strengthen the theoretical innovation, technological innovation and management innovation, and vigorously promote the popularization and application of results, make innovation achievements into practical ability to protect the environment, to provide scientific and technological support for improving the environmental management system, scientific, legal and fine and the level of information. On October 13th, Vice Minister of environmental protection Huang Runqiu in Chinese Institute of Environmental Sciences Huang Runqiu speech 2016 academic annual meeting pointed out that in May this year, the central government held the national science and Technology Innovation Conference, proposed to accelerate the implementation of innovation driven development strategy, the construction of the world science and technology. The status and role of scientific and technological innovation in the overall situation of environmental protection will be more prominent. Huang Runqiu stressed that to achieve the overall improvement of the quality of ecological environment, the development goals, we must rely on scientific and technological progress and technological innovation. First, we must establish a scientific and technological support system to continuously improve the quality of the environment. According to the requirements of the atmosphere, water and soil pollution prevention three battles, problem oriented, to improve the quality as the core, and organize the implementation of the special water "13th Five-Year" plan, the causes of air pollution and control technology of key projects, and start the special focus on pollution prevention and control of soil pollution as soon as possible, proven causes and mechanism of scientific problems, breakthrough to the quality constraints of pollution load reduction and environmental restoration and regional joint prevention and control technology. Two is to establish a scientific and technological basis for the prevention and control of environmental risk. At the same time to improve the quality of the environment at the same time, we should focus on solving the outstanding environmental problems that harm the health of the people, and constantly reduce the level of environmental risk. To accelerate the research on environmental criteria pollutants, the establishment of national environmental standard system; in-depth study of ecological effect of compound pollution, the establishment of environmental risk assessment, monitoring and early warning and control system; strengthen the regional watershed environmental risk prediction and simulation technology research and development, the formation of regional watershed environmental risk prevention and control system. Three is to establish a dynamic environmental science and technology achievements transformation system. To build and improve the National Key Laboratory of environmental protection engineering technology center and scientific research station, innovation platform, the establishment of information environmental protection science and technology basic data and scientific achievements of open sharing platform, establish and improve the results of transformation and technology diffusion mechanism, vigorously promote scientific and technological achievements and institutions use, disposal and revenue management reform, to promote the formation of the development of environmental protection industry investment and financing environment. Huang Runqiu pointed out that the promotion of scientific and technological innovation, people are the key factor, and the resources of scientists is the largest resource. I hope to learn to adapt to the new situation and requirements of innovation and entrepreneurship, play the role of a bridge between the integration of technological innovation resources, accelerate the pace of technological innovation and environmental protection, strengthen environmental protection science and technology achievements transformation and dissemination of knowledge of science and technology. From all over the country相关的主题文章: