Rim BYD built ships, Beiqi an aircraft, what is this-音羽かなで

Rim: BYD built ships, Beiqi an aircraft, what is this? The day before, the mayor of Guangxi province Guilin city tour in Shenzhen and met with BYD CEO Wang Chuanfu (click to view the latest figures, BYD News) hope to contribute in the rail transit, bus, taxi, travel ship etc.. Even if the ground ran, and now how to engage in the ship? Recently, Beijing Automotive Group involved in the manufacture of P-750 aircraft, the official line, so the name that is not suitable for it may beijing. Geely Group brand new LYNK& CO in the recently released, the first model for the SUV, look at the face of this value is really a bright ah…… More exciting content in the current program, the week will be selected the best comments, more Tucao welcome to engage in". Are you ready for Grandpa Mao? The day before, the mayor of Guilin city of Guangxi Province on a visit to Shenzhen and met with the president of BYD (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) Wang Chuanfu, BYD hopes to Guilin to invest in the construction of production base, contribute in rail transit, bus, taxi, travel ship etc.. Nani? After the completion of the construction of the light rail ship? BYD has just released the "cloud rail train, and building a ship, but being more cattle than it directly to build the plane! Recently, Beijing Automotive Group involved in the manufacture of aircraft P-750 official line. As this trend continues, car prices are going into the tanks, rocket, spacecraft field, or how people. Let’s study the car first. Recently, the new concept of 5 SUV listed, the overall price of the old flat, 13.99- $194 thousand and 900, it is worth mentioning that the level of the overall upgrade. The hearts of their own brand of high-end, Geely brand new brand LYNK& CO also recently released, will not go to the old road? The first model is SUV (code named CX11), in the Swedish R & D, will enter the United States, the United States and other competing public views. Although LYNK& CO is not the accumulation of luxury brands, but the globalization of the design language, out of the traditional style of design, the circle is still very willing to point to its praise. In addition to Geely, Guangzhou also brought its Chonggao representative works: first in the large SUV models trumpchi GS8, pre-sale price of 259 thousand and 800 yuan 16.98-. This price is whether it will follow the Harvard H9 (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) footsteps? Of course, the independent brand in the new star music as the route and they are not the same. Because of the shortage of funds LETV, defaulted on $21 million in the project, the Contractor from threatened to shut down. Jia Yueting’s car company admitted arrears, but said it was impossible to shut down. Indeed, Jia boss PPT do good, sing better, such as: the song blows my pride indulgence… Recently, Chery automobile propaganda that challenge to limit car crash tests, organize the global initial public large truck rear end chain collision test. The move to prove safety of Chery SUV, but the collision test seems some people ignorant of force, because the rear collision speed of only 26.2 km, said the accident scene? Say good parts flying around? In fact, this speed than the current.相关的主题文章: