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The world’s top ultra running new money you have to have a grade of the recent Chengdu auto show new car, I believe we already look tired, today we will look for a change, release of three top supercar, however from the performance or appearance, are better than ordinary cars to be strong, not bad money friends. Quickly start to consider! The day before the foreign media reported that the Bugatti was released at the 2009 Frankfurt auto show four door four seat roadster Galibier models is expected in the current Chiron models discontinued after put into production. In addition, according to relevant sources, the Bugatti car plan also includes a new luxury SUV, a length of more than 6 meters, electric luxury car developed for tribute Bugatti classic models in Royale, and a new car positioned below the cash Chiron. "Foreign media draw the Bugatti Galibier production version of" real imaginary map Bugatti Bugatti Chiron Bugatti Galibier located in a luxury four door four seat sports car, the car is Bugatti president (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) Wolfgang · Du Hanmo has released four models in a proposal, it will be the next generation of Rolls-Royce phantom strong competitors. Unlike the mid engine layout Chiron, Galibier production version will remain the same with the front engine layout concept car. "Although the Bugatti Galibier concept car from the new release still time, but the Volkswagen Group internal engineers think that new car can using the Porsche MSB platform to optimize the development, and the platform will also create new models for the future of Bentley. It is reported that, Galibier officially put into operation until the current Chiron models or discontinued before start. "Chiron" by foreign media Bugatti when asked about plans in the remaining three car, the Bugatti President Wolfgang · Du Hanmo said No comment.. However, familiar with the plan of the Volkswagen Group internal staff outside media sources said, the future will launch of the new car also includes a luxury SUV, the competitive lock has not yet released the new Rolls-Royce SUV Cullinan models; at the same time, a length of more than 6 meters, and in the positioning of inherited classic models Royale new electric Bugatti luxury cars, as well as a new car positioned below the current Chiron models, but also in the new Bugatti plan. The day before, the news media have pointed out that the Mercedes -AMG (micro-blog) (micro-blog) will launch a mid engine supercar in 2017 to celebrate the 50 anniversary of the establishment of AMG. It is reported that the new car will be equipped with Mercedes Benz F1 W07 (Hamilton and driving F1 racing) that 1.6L V6 engine. We learned from the relevant reports, the current supercar has completed the final phase of the project development and design. In terms of appearance, according to the designer to describe the design of the new car will follow the principle of better aerodynamics, and learn some of the advantages of F1 racing. In addition, the new mass is about 1000 kg (2200 lbs..相关的主题文章: