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Vacation rental chaos: pay a deposit but not rent a car — Hainan channel — drawing Gao Xiang this year National Day holiday fly to the destination city to rent a car and travel seems to have become a kind of fashion, but the national day just past from Beijing to Chengdu car Ms. Chen has encountered a problem: the national day before her in a car online booking an SUV and pay a deposit, but in October 3rd, she came to Chengdu but couldn’t find the car, only to change. Because the tenant before the arbitrary extension, and now Chengdu side models have been out of chaos, can get a good car." Chengdu EHI staff said. But for the car rental that lawyers do not agree, if businesses accept Ms. Chen after the booking and car rental agreement, leading consumers to Ms. Chen to take the car, then the merchant alleged consumer fraud, according to the provisions of consumer law should bear the legal responsibility of the three a claim. The car two weeks ago told consumers to shop without reservation car two weeks ago, Ms. Chen Beijing booked a Peugeot 3008 SUV car in a car online, agreed to the afternoon of October 3rd, Shuangliu Airport stores to take the selected car. Then through the network to pay the full cost of more than two thousand yuan. The 3 day, she was placed under the order of the contents of the plane with the baby and the old man went to their stores, the results were told there is no model of the car. Ms Chan told reporters that the store promised to Ms. Chen for a model but the car is not a car SUV. "They say I really don’t have a car reservation, to give me a passat." Ms. Chen said, a car to change her car, she had a habit, "from Chengdu to Mianyang, to open two hours, the heart is very nervous, all the way slowly." But with the elderly and children, there are a lot of luggage, she can only accept a transfer solution. "Two weeks ago to pay the money, why on the Internet can make an appointment for this car? I think they are beyond the scope of their sales." No car rental businesses respond because before why tenants rent not to renew the forced Ms. Chen has been booking models? Chengdu EHI staff also seem quite helpless. He said that during the national day, the local vehicle is basically in the state of no car. Chen to be able to change a car has been considered a good solution. More than and 400 now a trolley is not left." Ms Chan told reporters that more than one person suffered a similar situation. The staff also admitted that many customers have chosen to a different car, all out of chaos. Many before the national day car rental customers to renew, then more and more. Now some customers are waiting to wait, there is a car out of the air. Now many leasing companies are in a state." In fact, during the national day, not only is a hi car vehicle tension. Another car rental company introduced China, at present, China auto rental car rental ratio has exceeded 90%. Based on past experience, the National Day holiday is the peak period of car rental, often the occupancy rate reached 100%, all vehicles are leased. Lawyers say;相关的主题文章: