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Robust and agile financial industry IT transformation of the road – Sohu science and technology news: November 16, 2016, November 17th Texun by Beijing leading the trend of Information Consulting Co. Ltd., Zhuhai Mdt InfoTech Ltd, Jin Zhiwei Jardine (Beijing) jointly organized by the auspicious clouds Technology Co. Ltd. "sound + agile financial industry IT transition" forum held in Beijing Rigi Hostellerie. From the bank, securities, Asset Management Co, pan financial services in the field of a total of more than and 50 units of information technology backbone of the technical backbone of the government to participate in this forum. Jin Zhiwei Jardine, leading the trend, auspicious clouds release site Internet era of financial cooperation, IT is facing business innovation, agile development, wisdom maintenance, cost control, compliance and safety aspects of the challenge. At the same time, cloud computing, micro services, container technology, regulatory control integration, software robots and other technologies gradually mature, for the transformation of traditional financial IT created a new opportunity. In this era of technological change, both stable and agile IT management model, will be a new management model in line with the needs of the development of the financial sector. The event is leading the trend of new ideas of financial IT computing, big data technology strategic transformation by cloud, and to "lean" IT management system sound management + quick landing support, through the OpenBridge product realization "Jardine auspicious clouds, light application, micro service platform technology architecture transformation in construction focus on monitoring, Kim Ji dimensional integrated operation and process management platform, automated operation and maintenance plan for the core technology of landing means and software robot independent research and development, financial technology to enhance business value, satisfy the business innovation and adjustment, guarantee business safe operation and optimization of resources and efficient use, information security, enhance the ability to prevent the risk of technology. And save the operation cost of IT put forward constructive solutions. "Robust agile conference site arrangement meeting IT in the financial industry and transformation of the road" is a state-owned bank entitled "integrated operation and management system to establish sustainable development, accelerate the intelligent, digital transformation, as well as a joint-stock bank" agile Kanban "case for the guests to share a live demonstration of the financial industry benchmarking enterprises in the financial innovation of science and technology, exploration and practice of financial IT transformation and upgrading of the best practice, the audience highly. The afternoon entitled "OpenBridge development and testing cloud sandbox simulation of second display development test environment construction, and entitled" intelligent operation scene of combat, the realization of interactive operation through the software part in the intelligent robot, is the general assembly to a climax, so that guests on-site experience of technological innovation brings heart and pleasure. It is reported that before the end of the meeting, there are nearly ten financial units on the OpenBridge development test cloud and software robot solutions have further in-depth exchanges, research and product testing intentions. [source: public economic network] [King] McKinley: commissioning editor相关的主题文章: