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The black Chinese wolfberry prices continued to fall no longer has been fried to Crazy: 2000 yuan a kilogram of the original title: 2000 yuan a kilogram of black wolfberry "Crazy" is no longer the price trends of the new agency in Qinghai Golmud rational return on 14 October, (Sun Rui Zhang Tianfu) had once been mad picking, touted the price now "Crazy" is no longer black wolfberry. More than 14 reporters visited the market of wild and artificial black wolfberry production area in Qinghai province Golmud City, this is known as the black Chinese wolfberry market weathervane said the local deals this year heat drop, prices are low, shop in a deserted house. The main production of wild black Chinese wolfberry in Golmud City, located in the Qaidam Basin 2800 meters above sea level – the desert zone of 3000 meters. Due to rumors of health effects and medicinal value, in recent years, wild and artificial black Chinese wolfberry purchase price soared. In August 2015, with the Golmud wild Lycium ruthenicummurr entered the mature period, part of the local people and some foreign social workers poured into the Golmud River, Lake Aral, fish goldfish grassland and natural forest illegal harvesting of Lycium ruthenicum, cause social concern. Black wolfberry market peaked in 2014, the profits of black wolfberry is very high, when the acquisition price of wild black wolfberry in 1600 yuan (RMB, the same below) kg or so, the market retail price can reach $2000 kg." Sun Zhaohui, general manager of Golmud Xin Yuan Tang wolfberry, told reporters that this year, the acquisition price of wild black wolfberry only 300 kg, prices fell sharply. A long time to do business in Qinghai, Guangdong wolfberry and other places of the sea dealers told reporters, from the beginning of 2015, the market is not so optimistic, "some stockpile counterparts, in 2014 alone earned tens of millions of dollars, but last year alone has lost millions of money." With a large number of local enterprises and farmers into the black Chinese wolfberry industry, coupled with this year’s Xinjiang Ruoqiang, Gansu, Inner Mongolia, Bayannaoer and other places in the rapid expansion of acreage, yield increase sharply, prices continue to decline. Golmud agricultural science institute director Xiong Weiguo said: "when the black wolfberry was found anthocyanin content was more than 20 times higher than blueberries, and anthocyanin has anti-oxidation and anti-aging effects, so such as" anti-aging medicine God "and" the beauty industry soft gold "propaganda, then began to stir." Xiong Weiguo said, but the study found that fruits and vegetables in Eggplant and grapes also contain anthocyanins, but there is no black wolfberry ingredients so much, so people’s dependence on anthocyanins generally declined, leading to its price decline. This reporter has learned that, due to the decline in the price of black wolfberry, this year did not appear a large number of illegal picking wild black wolfberry phenomenon. For black wolfberry market prices continued to fall, Xiong Weiguo said that the price should be adjusted by the black wolfberry market, so as to achieve a reasonable return of the price of black wolfberry. (end) into the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: